Gettin’ It Sneak Peek Part III


Chris ripped off Toni’s blouse and cupped her breasts in his hands. Her breasts were large, but not too big. They were perfect. She had a bit of a tummy but it complemented with the rest of her body.  Toni pulled down her work slacks and stepped out of them. Her ass was amazing. Apple-shaped and succulent.

Toni stood in front of him in a matching white lace bra and panty set. He drank in her beauty. “Take everything off,” he instructed and Toni complied. Chris removed his shirt and boxer briefs, exposing a thick, hardened cock. Chris pulled Toni to his body and moved her in front of the room mirror. “Look at us,” he whispered to her, “watch us.”

The pair craved each other both on a mental and physical level. Their tongues intertwined as a blend of passion, excitement, and sexual intensity took over. Chris’s hands explored Toni’s body. She was soft and smelled wonderfully of vanilla and musk. He planted soft kisses along her collarbone and Toni felt her panties becoming wetter. The heat was rising within the depths of her soul and spreading all over her body. She didn’t want Chris to make love to her. She wanted him to fuck her.

Chris massaged Toni’s breasts as he kissed her neck. His warm breath made her tingle again. He smoothed his hands over her midsection, momentarily stopping to play with her pink belly button ring.  Her mound was neatly trimmed with little hair. Chris smoothed his hand over it before his hands moved down to her warm folds and swollen clit. She was already wet.

Toni watched through the mirror as Chris spread her lips to play with her heat. His fingers tickled her nub. He gently massaged her clit as his mouth and tongue assaulted her neck. His free hand squeezed her ample breasts as she softly rocked against his body in tune with his fingering. He changed tempo and began to rub her swollen nub faster.

Toni felt the heat rise faster inside her body. Chris had touched on every one of her senses without even trying. She tried to stay focus on the sensual scene in front of her but it was becoming difficult. “Chris…”Toni withered against his body.”I’m going to cum…”

He continued to kiss her neck. “Do it,” he whispered.

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  1. C says:

    Great excerpt but one thing you overlooked. He told her to get naked. She did, then she creams in her panties?

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