Gettin’ It Sneak Peek, Part II

There was an old saying: there’s a fine line between ambition and impatience. Chris’s mother always made that comment whenever he told her about his dreams. He was going to be a pilot. No, he was going to be a doctor. No, he was going to be a rock n’ roll star. Go after your dreams, Chris, she always stated, just make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing.

Chris glanced at the time on his Droid phone. It was 4:15 PM. The meeting had been going on for over an hour now and there was still an hour to go. The usually quiet CEO was surprisingly talkative and Chris pretended he was interested. He could’ve been talking about pigeon droppings for the past hour for all Chris cared.

He did not want to be there.  He had to be there. He was known as the rising star, the fresh-faced “kid” at 29 years old who schooled many older and veteran players in the medical devices unit at the pharmaceutical company. He went from the overachieving product manager to global marketing director in less than four years, an astonishing feat.

He wondered if he was truly happy where he was at. Being stuck in a boardroom reminded him he needed to improve something in his life. He always hated meetings. Hated them. He could never understand why there were meetings to begin with. Maybe it was because he had the attention span of a three-year-old and even that was a stretch. If it wasn’t so obvious, Chris would play Angry Birds on his phone.

He wasn’t the only one that was bored. The marketing director looked like she was about to pass out at any moment. Several product directors tried their best to look determined and focused but they were secretly texting and instant messaging each other through their laptops. And then there were the interns. So full of life and promise with great ideas for the company. Chris had to smile. He was once that full of shit himself.

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  1. Clare says:

    Poor Chris, he seems to really hate his job. Or at least the meetings part of his job. I’ll be nterested to discover how he ties in with Toni.

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