Gettin’ It Sneak Peek

So this week officially starts the insane amount of press of Gettin’ It, which will be out on January 17th. Gettin’ It also begins the flurry of new releases from my sexy/sensual print, Sweet Baby Girl Entertainment, as work on expanding my brand in different ways (more on that later).

But for now, here is the first of many sneak peeks of Gettin’ It. The book cover will debut sometime next week. The picture used below is just to bring the sexy back to the blog. 



“You know who you remind me of?” Betty pointed a finger towards her cousin. “You remind me of that Disney chick?”

Toni furrowed her eyebrows. Selena? Miley? Clearly not anyone Black. “Can you be a bit more specific?”

“You know! That one Princess.”

“Assuming you don’t mean Ariel, Jasmin, or Snow White, you’re probably talking about Tiana?” Toni asked.

“Yep, that’s the one!” Betty smiled as if she won a prize. “The one with the frog.”

Toni didn’t want to entertain her cousin but the curiosity was killing her. “Okay, I’ll bite.”

“She never went out.” Betty examined her acrylic nails. “She was always working those diner jobs to save for that restaurant, and guess what happened to her?”

“She ended up marrying a prince, opening the restaurant and living happily ever after?” Toni knew that wasn’t the answer even if it was right.

“She ended up getting cursed by some scary dude and turning into a frog, Toni!”

Toni immediately regretted entertaining her batshit crazy cousin. “Okay, Betty, I need to go to work now.”

“I’m just saying you need to have some fun! Live a little! You’re always working and shit.” Betty defended herself.

Despite her cousin’s bizarre analysis, Toni knew Betty had a point. It had been a while since she hung out with her friends, let alone go out on date. It was getting to the point where Toni felt she should invest in Energizer stocks because her vibrator was getting some serious work in. “Alright, fine. I’ll party once the semester is done. But for now, I need to head to work.”

On the way to work, Toni stopped by the drugstore and picked up some batteries. She was getting dangerously low on her supply. She thought about the banter with her cousin and shook her head.

There wasn’t a Disney fairytale about a princess who relied on a vibrator.

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  1. Chantale Reve says:

    O…M…G… “Disney” and “vibrator” in the same sentence — that takes chutzpah. I’m looking forward to bells getting tinkered with and magic wands in netherlands. Thanks for the sneak *peak*.

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