S&M III Sneak Peek

Author’s Note: So for about the past month or so, I’ve been promising a sneak peek into the upcoming S&M III finale. Truth to be told, there were so many good scenes (yes, I’m tooting my horn) to choose from without entirely giving away the story. Of course, this scene is considered a rough draft; I rewrote Part I and II a minimum of 30 times each (not exaggerating) so this scene could be a tad different when it’s finally published.  Also, the picture included is just for storytelling purposes and not the actual cover chosen.

But enough babbling…onto the sneak peek…


She went by Sanora. It was an unusual name and that was it. No first or last. No one knew where She came from or anything about Her history. In fact, Sanora’s own sub wasn’t sure, either. But the air of mystery made Her undeniably sexy.

Caprina motioned for Scott to stand up. “I brought a gift.”

Sanora glanced up at Scott. He was wearing a black tank top with leather pants and black shoes. He had short hair that appeared to be black in the candlelight. He was muscular but not overly grotesque. Most importantly, Scott had freshness about him that Sanora hadn’t seen in long while. He was still very green. Oh how young and innocent you are…

Sanora licked her lips as She admired Scott before her. “What’s your name, baby?”

Scott turned to Caprina. “May I speak, Mistress?”

“Go ahead.”

Scott turned back to Sanora. “I’m Scott.”

“Scott,” Sanora repeated with heavy emphasis on the S. She licked her lips and slouched back in her chair, one leg draped over a chair arm. Her high-cut black gown revealed toned legs. “Nice to meet you, Scott.”

Scott bowed down to Sanora. “Pleasure is all mine, Mistress.”

“Oh, it will be,” Sanora smiled. She spoke to Caprina but kept her eyes on Scott. “I’m going to borrow your toy for a little while.”

Caprina was known for her jealousy and insane temper. She went through slaves like water and Her failed attempts to challenge Sanora at every meeting were laughable. The fact She found a willing slave in Scott still made the other Dommes talk in disbelief. “I didn’t give you permission.”

“I don’t care,” Sanora stood up and grabbed Scott’s hand.  He hesitated and looked to Caprina for approval who begrudgingly gave it. Sanora led Scott to a private room and closed the door behind them. She flipped a switch and several soft lights lit up at the same time. “Sit down and make yourself comfortable, baby.”

Scott walked to the oversized bed and sat down on the satin comforter. Sanora crossed a line by blatantly disrespecting his Mistress but She didn’t appear to care or have remorse. Sanora was high up on the BDSM totem pole where She didn’t have to seek anyone’s permission. After all, She was the one that taught Caprina how to be a Domme.

“Did you want anything to drink, Scott?” She held the S again.

“I’m fine, Mistress.”

Sanora poured herself a glass of Glenfiddich and sat beside Scott on the bed. She swirled the whiskey around in the glass and took a sip, chewing the flavor with her tongue. “Do you drink?”

“Not whiskey, Mistress.”

“You should try it. I have a feeling you’d like it.” She handed him Her glass.

Scott took a sip out of the glass. It was strong but smooth. It almost made the hair on his chest stand up. It was a man’s drink yet Sanora was drinking it like if it were wine. Little did Scott realize at the time Sanora would have a profound impact on his drink of choice. It also wouldn’t be the only thing She would impact in his life. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Anytime, baby,” She ran a hand through his hair.

Scott cleared his throat. He was still uncomfortable despite the bit of liquor in his system. He only thought of what rash punishment Caprina was going to give to him when he saw Her again. “What did you want me to do, Mistress?”

“I want you to relax for once in your life,” Sanora kept running Her fingers through Scott’s hair. “I can tell you’re stressed.”

“I’m a little uncomfortable, yes, Mistress.”

“No, not with this.” Sanora shook Her head. “Caprina. She mistreats you.”

Scott was hesitant to call Caprina’s treatment of him as punishment or disrespectful. She was his Mistress; it was his duty to do whatever She wanted to do. If She wanted him to lick Her boots, he did. If She wanted him to scrub Her floor with his toothbrush, he did. Scott loved and respected Caprina so much, it wasn’t an issue of respect. “I just want to make Her happy, Mistress.”

“That’s really fucking sweet,” Sanora deadpanned, “but she’s making a fool out of you.”

“I do what I’m told, Mistress.”

“There’s a difference between being submissive and being a weak bitch. Do you want to take a gander at which one you are?” Sanora snatched the glass of whiskey away from Scott and finished it. “I know what she does. Everyone knows what she does. BDSM is about respect and trust, not about who can humiliate their sub the worst. I know some people are into that nasty shit but that’s not the type of party here.

“She’s going to get tired of you always saying yes. You’re going to get tired of her taking advantage of you. She will fuck you over.” Sanora warned.

Scott briefly wondered if Mistress Sanora was saying that out of genuine care or genuine envy. With Her tone, it was hard to tell. “That’s a bold statement, Mistress.”

Sanora stared into an empty space. “It’s a correct statement, Scott.”

“I’m collared. I’m supposed to do what I’m told.”

“So? What does being collared have anything to do with saying no?” She retorted.

Mistress Sanora was right, Scott silently admitted. But he couldn’t let Her know that. “What do you expect me to do, Mistress?

Sanora lit up a cigarette and blew a plume of smoke in the air.“Nothing because I know you won’t do anything. Instead, here’s this,” She handed him a business card.

Scott looked at the card. It had an address in Italy. “What’s this, Mistress?”

“Sometime within the next year, you’re going to need to get away. Far, far away. When you do, look me up.”

Scott flipped the card between his fingers. It was bad enough Mistress Sanora felt the need to tell him why his relationship with Caprina was a joke, now She was predicting his future. Scott  concluded She completely lost Her fucking mind. “How do I know this isn’t a joke, Mistress?”

“You’re still holding the card, aren’t you?”

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