It’s hard out here for a pimp…

Supposedly. No, I’m not promoting being a pimp and what that comes with the term. But let’s face it, when you’re a writer, you’re pretty much pimping yourself every chance you get…


Since I’ve released S&M II about a month ago, I am proud to say it’s sold way above the first S&M story, which makes me very happy. I’m happy for a variety of reasons: 1) I wrote Part II in a month so I was wondering if I did a rush job on it; and 2) Having the sequel do better than the original is always a good sign. It does put a bit of pressure on Part III but I’m not worried about that…at least not now.

I’m also happy to say S&M II has averaged 4.5 /5 stars at the many websites it’s available. That is seriously feckin’ cool. I guess there are a lot of readers who enjoy a BDSM-love story. Interesting. Funny. I guess I tapped into a market I didn’t know existed.  How about that?

So what’s next? Well, I am working on a fetish story but not sure if I’m going to release it this year. I want to give it some justice and I don’t think releasing it this year is going to do the trick. We’ll see. I’m also contemplating editing an old story for publication as well.  The good news is that I am releasing a story sometime by the end of the year; I just don’t know when. I’m thinking November might be when it’ll come out. S&M III will be released next year and the release date has been pushed up (from April 2012). In a few weeks, I’ll offer more details as to why I made that decision but for now, you have to trust me.

Thank you to my lovelies, dahlings, and freaks who have supported me thus far. Thank you to those who are now discovering me.

And there you have it,


4 thoughts on “It’s hard out here for a pimp…

  1. Rincewind says:

    totally agree with the man above, it can only get better and better, just remember us when you’re as big as Stephen King and the likes.. well deserved 4.5 stars (should be more honestly…)

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