Donde esta, Vera?

I’ve had several people told me in the past several weeks to ‘take a break.’ Being the workaholic I am, I wasn’t sure what they meant by that. A few days? A few weeks? What does one actually do on a break?

Well, I’ve been writing and promoting. And now I’m taking a break. I took a couple of weeks off to just smell the roses! I’m still used to this thing called success. But while I’m enjoying my mini-success, I can’t forget where I came from. If it wasn’t for you and your support, I wouldn’t have mustered the gusto (or balls but I don’t really have balls) to publish my books.

Which means I’m blogging again. Good for you. Good for me. Good for all of us.

Very, very soon, I’m going to have a male guest blogger appear on the blog. he’s going to give the ladies a male point of view on what men want and prefer. I would love for my male readers and friends to chip in with whatever tips they have.

Um, that’s about it. I’m about to enjoy my mini-break for the rest of the weekend.

And there you have it,



One thought on “Donde esta, Vera?

  1. Rincewind says:

    what men wants, let’s see… hmm, a girl? Yepp, that’s it, we are sorted 😀 but good to hear that you did take a week off and just chilling, I really shouldn’t say anything, I love work and do tend to overdo my hours but so long as you do what you enjoy, you can’t really call it work can ya…

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