S&M II Character Diary: Mariana

You know I had to put this in here for shameless self-promotion.


Dear Diary,

Wow. That’s all I can say. Just wow.

Last night, I did something I hope I don’t regret. I slept with my boss, Mr. Reed. No, excuse me, his name is Scott. I slept with Scott. It was everything I thought it would be. It was everything I thought it wouldn’t be.

What happened was I was cleaning his home like I always do. He always tells me not to open a certain drawer. I don’t know why; I’m just not supposed to open it. Anyway, I opened the drawer and realized why: Scott’s the freakiest of the freaks. OMG, there were dildos, vibrators, porn, all these different kind of lubes; like everything was in there!

And of course, he caught me.

I knew he was going to fire me so I figured I had nothing to lose. I took off my top and asked him to fuck me. And boy, did he! He was just so incredible. His dick is like the biggest I had ever seen and he knows how to work it. And boy, does he work it. He had my legs in the air. He pulled my hair. My ass still stings from him slapping it so much. He worked my punani so raw last night and this morning. Seriously, I can’t fuck anymore. I’m done. If I don’t ever have sex again, I’m okay with that.

What’s crazy is that we have so much in common! I don’t know if that’s a sign or not. We love Motown, the Lakers, and we’re both pretty liberal. Well, I kinda figured he was with the revolving door at his bedroom. He works for some advertising agency. I asked him if it was McCormick and Sheppard because I just love the brilliant campaigns they come up with. It’s my senior year at UCLA and I’m looking for a great internship. He said he knew someone there but he’ll put in a good word for me. I hope he does.

In the meantime, I still clean his home. I’m supposed to go back there later today because the bedroom was messed up, if you catch my drift. We’ll see.

I don’t know, Diary, maybe this could be start of something.

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