New Blog Updates!

Hello my Lovelies, Dahlings, and Freaks!

I hope all of you are doing just fabulous and sexy as usual.

First, I want to say thank you for the amazing and quite honestly, overwhelming support of S&M! It’s my little short that could next to The Train Ride.

Well, since I’m starting to become a tad bit more popular, I thought it was time to make things a bit easier for those who are new to The Intoxication to find. On the above menu (right on top), you’ll see new categories:

  • The Erotic Intoxications are all of the FREE fiction I have posted on the blog. There’s a lot of it. And it’s also NSFW for my freaks who like to view at work.
  • V-Spot Commentaries are my musings and rants on a variety of topics. Be warned: I tend to go off. I’m like the female version of What Grinds My Gears, but sexier. Rawr.
  • Vera’s Orgasmic Reviews are my reviews on pornographic films. For those who haven’t read an orgasmic review, check it out. You might be surprised how it’s more like a movie review rather than the standard Hustler, ‘5 Dicks Up!’

Starting next week, in countdown to S&M II release date on August 9th, there will be S&M-related items on the blog.  And there just might be…just might be…another and final sneak peek of Part II. I can’t get into detail on what I mean quite yet but S&M week will be something for everyone.

Kinda like this:

I hope everyone is doing wonderful and great!


3 thoughts on “New Blog Updates!

  1. IzaakMak says:

    I’m so glad to hear that things are still going well Vera. Even us “old-timers” can benefit from knowing how to access your stuff. And you know that I just love that picture! 😀

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