S&M II – Sneak Peek

You know I had to put this in here for shameless self-promotion.

So I mentioned on the Facebook page, S&M II is done and will be released on August 9th. The book cover will debut in a couple of weeks. For those who were privy to the first five chapters, keep it a secret for now as there are a lot of developments no one knows about!

You know, August 9th is so far away, don’t you think? I think it’s time I break you off with another sneak peek.

“Good girl.” With his right hand, Scott slapped Mariana’s ass hard; hard enough to cause stinging but not extreme pain. He slapped her just under the cheeks and turned his hands up with each slap. He slapped her repeatedly for several minutes until her cheeks were nice and rosy.

Meanwhile, Mariana’s body arched with each slap. Her lips were pursed together in pleasure. Scott brought out the freak inside her. “Where are you?” Scott asked.

“Yellow, Master.” Mariana responded. Her ass was starting to feel raw.

“Stand up.” Scott ordered and Mariana complied. “Spread your legs.”  Mariana stood straight up. Scott locked eyes on hers and smiled at her. She was a good sub and with enough time and patience on both parts, she would develop into the woman Scott knew she could be. He had to train her first and found Mariana to be willing to learn and be taught.

He decided to test her again to see how patient she really was. He tickled her clit with his fingers. It was swollen and she was slippery wet. “My girl is wet for me,” Scott purred. He inserted a finger and rubbed his thumb on her clit.  “I love it when you’re wet for me.”

“Fuck, Master,” Mariana moaned. “Please…please don’t stop.”

“I have to,” Scott withdrew his hand from Mariana’s pussy. “I feel better now. You made your Master happy.”

Mariana opened her eyes and glared at Scott. He remained in his chair with an obvious erection. “Master, do you want me to take care of that for you?” She pointed to his cock.

“No, I’m good. It’ll go down.” Scott revealed a devious smile. He wiped his hands on cloth napkin and handed it over to Mariana so she could wipe herself. “Put your clothes back on and go home. I’ll see you later.” He gathered his keys and walked out of his office.

Mariana stood in Scott’s office, furious.  She wanted to get fucked. She wanted him to fuck her hard. She was so wet and willing. He was hard and appeared to want her just as bad.

But he just left her and he was smiling about it as well. Mariana folded her arms and was so pissed off, she felt like throwing one of Scott’s Laliques against the wall. “This submissive shit is gonna take some getting used to.”


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  1. veraroberts says:

    Awe, thank you for the support, fellas! Writing this one was pretty fun. I actually got to go back and actually write a full-length story. I’m way too talkative for a short piece.

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