A Token of Appreciation…Part II S&M snippets to a lucky few!

You know I had to put this in here for shameless self-promotion.

To be quite honest, I released S&M to tie the readers over so I can continue to work on The Erotic Intoxication Vol. II. I wasn’t prepared or ready for the massive success it’s achieved. I’m still quite shocked about it, really.

The great news, Part II is done and is in the process of a ton of editing and rewriting. However, to show my appreciation to the very few who left reviews on either Amazon.com or smashwords.com, I’m going to send you the first five chapters of Part II this week. Yes, there was only a few of you so I’m not worried about counterfeit or ‘leaks’ getting out.

So, why those particular people? Well, for starters, they’ve helped sales. Every review has increased visibility to S&M and well, increased visibility to me. Yay!

So, if you have left a review for S&M on either of the aforementioned websites, please send me an e-mail to eroticamistress@gmail.com. If you haven’t left a review, this is your last week to do so. This offer is only good this week. Starting on Sunday, you’ll have to wait until September to get your fill…and what a delicious fill it’ll be…

And there you have it,


2 thoughts on “A Token of Appreciation…Part II S&M snippets to a lucky few!

  1. Rincewind says:

    ohhhh, this is good to hear, good work on finishing part deux, amazingly quickly as well… you’re a working erotica machine you are… 🙂

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