Amazing black girls: Whitney Houston


Ok, she has gone downhill the last 10 (15?) years but wow, when she started out she rocked the world and what a woman. I actually bought her first LP (oh yes people, LP!!) but didn’t dare tell anyone that in my school, for god sake, I was a heavy Metal freaks, wouldn’t do to say that I liked Whitney. We are talking major whoppass if I would have.

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I still sing along-to this one, heeeey… with somebody who loves me, hooo… Yepp, I’m macho alright Hot smile

5 thoughts on “Amazing black girls: Whitney Houston

  1. IzaakMak says:

    I remember how stunned I was the first time I heard Whitney’s amazing voice, and that song remains one of the very few that makes me want to get off my duff and actually dance! 😀

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