Game, set and match…

tennis timeWell, it is tennis time here in the UK right now with Wimbledon just 30 minutes walk away from where I’m living. Got tickets for the lovely Williams, always wanted to hear her grunt… Winking smile

Anyway, losing the plot here a little, check out the sexy Lauren Lovely instead in her tennis gear… footballbaseballsoccer

All the above pictures, credit to the photographer Ososexy
Follow her on twitter or check out her youtube page.

Love that camera is so shaky, think I would also be really distracted trying to record this.

6 thoughts on “Game, set and match…

  1. IzaakMak says:

    Good lord man, that lady is smokin! 😯

    BTW, it’s bad enough that you live so close to Wimbledon (something that has crossed my mind before), but your having tickets has me absolutely GREEN with envy! :mrgreen:

    • Rincewind says:

      ahh my work here is done 😀 it’s actually the 1st time that I have managed to get hold of tickets and getting them to a Williams game, oh hell yeah… rock on. but it’s pouring rain here so I just hope hope hope that the game is on, can be so delayed otherwise…

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