Afro beauty and of course Gloria Hendry

afro beauty

It’s not often you do see a proper afro nowadays… This girls face
reminds me of the James Bond girl Gloria Hendry from Live and Let

via Skinny Arms, big tits


hairstyle-1970-gloria-hendry-1-701335so since I went off and googled Gloria Hendry (to your right) and looked at her pictures I’m not sure anymore or maybe my first instinct was right but it might have been the afro hair that confused me… please let me know if I’m completely wrong about her similarity to Gloria….

Anyhoo, she was damn sexy though.

5 thoughts on “Afro beauty and of course Gloria Hendry

  1. IzaakMak says:

    They’re both gorgeous, and I so miss beautiful women with afros! I always hated the fact that my hair didn’t want to work that way.

    GREAT link BTW! 😀

    • Rincewind says:

      always wondered why no white girls manage to get this hair, it can’t just be specifically black girls/guys who can get it? Must be great to hold onto as well during hanky panky 😀 I did enjoy the site, skinny arms (maybe not so much) but the big tits, oh yes…

      • IzaakMak says:

        Being the product of a bizarre (and quite possibly alien) racial mash-up, I spent my youth being envious of those in my family who could do the “fro” thing, and being stunned at the damage the girls did to their hair trying to make it look like mine! 😯

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