Where Do I Get My Inspiration From?

It’s been a great week!

When deciding the price of S&M, I took in account several factors: 1) story length, 2) story quality, and 3) maximum exposure. It wasn’t an automatic, ‘Hey, let’s price this at 99 cents!’ I had to really think about it.  Ultimately, with the help of my manager (Maks), we agreed to price the story at 99 cents. No particular reason; it just sounded like a good price.

It worked.

S&M has done exceptionally well. I’m assuming it’s because of word-of-mouth since there are currently NO REVIEWS of the book. (Which, hint hint, nudge nudge…I need y’all to leave me some reviews for the book on either Amazon.com or Smashwords.com).

Which brings me to the next point…what keeps me motivated?

What keeps me going is a goal. Not necessarily how many books I want to sell or how wide I want to reach a potential audience but a handbag. Yes, I have a handbag obsession. Well, it’s not an obsession if I’m not addicted to it (pardon the double negative, babes).  I like handbags. I happen to like expensive handbags. The kind that start at $200 and work their way upwards to the $2K range.  Now do I have a $2K handbag in my arsenal? No. Do I want one? Well, maybe. Depends on the bag.

So why am I telling you this piece of useless information? Because my expensive handbag habit help fuels my writing. It helps fuels this blog. When I market and promote, I don’t do it just to spread the word about my awesomeness (even though that’s a big part). I also do it because I have my eye on a nice Louis Vuitton, like the one below:

Now, just to put it out there: I’m not going to do some broke-ass ish like going on Bag, Borrow, or Steal. If I want to borrow a handbag, I’ll ask a girlfriend. I’m not going to rent one. Why in the hell would I rent a handbag when I can use the same money towards a purchase?

Mini-rant over. I’m not going to say how many books I have sold or how much I have towards my goal of getting this $1800 handbag. But I will say I’ll probably get it sooner than later. The original goal was Christmas 2011, now it’s October 2011. If I play my cards right, it’ll be September 2011.

So, again, if you have purchased any of my books, please leave me a review. No, don’t leave it here on the blog or tell me personally. While both actions are nice, they don’t help sales. I would really appreciate it. You do want to help a sista out, don’t you? Yes, you do.

And there you have it,