Look, ma, I’m famous!


You know I had to put this in here for shameless self-promotion.

Or at least I’m getting there…

I once read somewhere (I’m assuming one of the gazillion writing/self-publishing/industry blogs I follow) that writing is the easy part. It’s when you start promoting and networking it gets, well, interesting. 

No kidding!

One of my writer friends told me she spent a minimum of 16 hours daily promoting her book through various internet channels. 16-hour days? Well, I’m not close to 16-hour days but I will say I’m clocking in around 13. My day starts at 8 AM and it ends whenever I go to sleep, probably around 11 PM or 12 AM. Minus eating, hubby snuggling, and commute time (not necessarily in that order), it does amount to 13 hours.  Everyday I’m hustlin’…

So it might seem like I’m ignoring the blog, my baby, but I’m not. Starting next week, my really great and very funny friend, Erotixx, is going to be a guest blogger. Yes, for an entire week. I might post here and there but I really want him to take the floor. I’m excited. I never had anyone take over my blog for a week so I’m curious to see what delicious items he’ll come up with.

On a last note, I like to thank everyone who has supported me, my fiction, my rants, my commentaries, my…everything. As my popularity grows, I’m humbled to know just where I got my start from and who has been there from the beginning. And that is pretty feckin’ cool.

And there you have it,


4 thoughts on “Look, ma, I’m famous!

  1. IzaakMak says:

    Damn girl, 13 hours is one hell of a lot closer to 16 than the big fat ZERO must of us put towards our dreams! But I’m so glad the time and effort is paying off for you. I can thank of no one more deserving!

    I look forward to seeing what our friend brings to your table. That promises to be REAL interesting! 😀

    • veraroberts says:

      Thank you so much, hun. But it’s only a small bit. Everyone has a dream but not too many are willing to put the effort into seeing it come true. It’s hard work, no doubt. But it’s worth it.

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