Some call me a workaholic…maybe that’s not entirely false…


I have a goal this year on how many titles I want to put out. I’m not saying the number for fear you, the reader, might expect me to hit that number and me, the author, will fail to live up to expectations.

The number is doable. I just need to buckle down and get to it.

The great news is that not all of the stories are of the erotica nature. I do love to write erotica but it’s not my main thing. I’m more into romance and storytelling. I like a romance title that just happens to have some really good sexually explicit scenes in them. Boy meets Girl, Boy fucks Girl, Boy gets off and Girl wonders what the hell just happened here because she could’ve had a V-8 is so played out.

You want emotion and intensity. You want passion, you want the visualization, you want the ‘will they or won’t they and if they do, how will they?’ type of story. If you just wanted to get your jollies off, you wouldn’t be reading any of my titles. Well, maybe you would.

S&M will be on sale this week. An announcement will be made when it finally goes on sale. I’ve decided on a price. I’m not telling you; you’ll just see it. It’s affordable. In fact, it’s like a song on iTunes affordable. Well, maybe.

New Sex and the Married Woman later tonight. An update on my lovely encounter with Nikki Nefarious. She is one bad-ass chick.

And there you have it,


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