The Art of Anal III with Rachel Miller

Concluding this fantastic mini-series is the last entry by the lovely Ms. Rachel Miller. I sincerely thank Rachel for sharing her vast wealth of knowledge of anal sex and I hope she will be back for more mini-series on sex and relationships. As always, her information is at the bottom of the entry. 



Be More Than a Pain in Her Ass

“How can I convince my girlfriend/fiancé/wife to try anal sex?”

If I had a dollar for every guy who asked me that…….

I certainly wouldn’t be writing this from my couch in crappy Northwest Indiana that’s for damn sure! Unfortunately, I always have to give these men the same answer.


She has to come around to it on her own, in her own time and in her own way. Should you bring it up occasionally? Of course! Talking to your partner about your sexual desires is always advisable but here’s a fact about women, the more you try to push something on us, the more likely we are to dig in our heels and refuse.

I’m going to attempt to help you fellas out a little on this one.

Unlike you, I’m a girl so I get her and her reasons (ok, yes, they’re excuses) for not wanting to partake in this particular desire of yours. Most of them are completely grossed out by the thought and are terrified that it will hurt like hell. (Which if it’s done wrong, too quickly or without enough foreplay and lube it will, btw.)

I’m also a girl who had anal sex the first time to shut a guy up so I can sympathize with them. I understand that women very seldom if ever suggest anal on their own but many, once they try it, will do it again of their own free will (shocking I know) and here’s the real kicker……….. will enjoy it. Since I was one of those women I can speak from personal experience.

Something you will most likely never be able to do, at least from a receiving stand point. Unless you’re willing to let her strap one on and return the favor that is.

Hmmmm… that might get her to reconsider.

LOL. I’m just kidding, you can wipe that look of horror off your face now. Though I will tell you that turn-around is fair play and you should at least consider letting her stick a finger up yours. You too, might be pleasantly surprised at how good it can feel and will gain you some serious points in the trust department.

Now I want you to sit back, relax, pass over the laptop or forward your girl the link to “Sometimes the Only Way into the Party is Through the Backdoor” and let me talk to her for a bit.

I’m not promising a miracle but maybe just maybe I can open her mind to the possibility of letting you stick it in her butt. Make sure you’re prepared by checking out “Slipping In & Out the Backdoor: Anal Play 101” You want her to ask you for it next time so be sure it’s enjoyable.


Rachel Miller is executive producer and co-host of “Living With the Lights On,” the leading Internet show on sex, dating and relationships. She helps women to not only talk about sex, but to have better sex, through her “night” job as an Independent Business Associate of For Your Pleasure, Inc. Feel free to contact her at Follow her on Twitter and check out her blog Risqué Business.

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    • Rincewind says:

      and btw, the finger in your anus thing. My girl did that to me when I wasn’t prepared and made me shut up for while about doing it the backway LOL

      • Rachel Miller says:

        Lol! Yeah funny how that works isn’t it. Thanks for reading and the Twitter follow, I look forward to Tweeting with you. Glad you enjoyed the series and hope you’ll check out my blog sometime, 🙂

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