A Look Back…The Personal Life of Vera

Today is my one-year marriage anniversary to my husband, Maks. He’s been my manager, bank account, cheerleader, creative tag-teamer, best friend, lover, and most important role, soul mate. It’s not easy being married to a writer, let alone an erotica one. But he never complains; he just gives me ideas for the blog and for my stories. And with that, here are a few personal photos of us:


We believe everyone should be able to get married.




Our wedding day. Did you notice the 'Oh shit!' look on my face?




The couple that loves strippers together....



This is pretty much how we look all the time. Looking at me in real life, you probably would've never guessed I was an erotica writer.


My husband is just a wonderful man and I really thank my lucky stars every day he’s a part of my life. I just love him so much.

And there you have it,


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