Sex and the Married Woman: Sex Games

Some couples play naked Twister. Others have role-play. A few partake in BDSM fantasies. I’ll admit off the bat in my single days, I’ve experimented with two out of the three (not saying which two, but I’m sure you can figure it out). Of course, when you’re single and running wild, you don’t really care if your partner is down for the cause as long as you’re getting yours. But when you’re in a committed relationship and do the forever ever ever and ever ever part, then it’s time to become creative. Because honestly, sometimes having just plain old sex can be such lamesauce.

As we approach our one-year marriage anniversary, Maks and I often experiment with different things regarding sex. Different lubes, different positions, and sometimes, different pornos. However, one particular time after a nice session, we did something we haven’t done before: we played a game. It was heated, it was exciting, and both of us felt very satisfied afterward.

It was a game of Scrabble. What? What were you thinking?


Okay, so we weren't quite in public or even this extreme, but it was something to this extent.


On Maks’ iPad, he has a Scrabble app. We often play against each other and it’s a fun competition. Sometimes, Maks completely smokes me (i.e. beats the crap out of me) and sometimes I win. But it’s a nice friendly competition with each other to see who can be the most creative with words.  Now you might be wondering, ‘Why on Earth would you want to play a game of Scrabble after having sex?’ to which my response is, ‘Why not?’

The interesting thing about being in a relationship is keeping the romance and sex alive. Experts always say divorce starts in the bedroom and I do believe there might be a bit of truth to that. Once sex is gone, things tend to fall downhill from there. (Personally, I think divorce starts with lack of communication and the no-sex issue is an added factor). Now, it’s not really a challenge for us to keep sex hot and interesting because there’s only two of us now. I imagine the real challenge will present itself when we finally become parents. However, when you just have some amazing sex and you’re not quite tired, what do you do?

One of my friends confided in me that one time after a session, she and her husband played XBOX.  Another friend said she and her husband played card games. Another friend mentioned she and her husband went on Facebook and played FarmVille. (Okay, that’s weird…).


My sentiments exactly...


The point is it’s not necessarily about the act of sex itself but what you do afterward that makes the difference. And sometimes, you want to be a little goofy. You just got your rocks off, why not?

And there you have it,



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  1. IzaakMak says:

    I think all lasting relationships are built on friendship, which means meaningful communications and the enjoyment of time spent together. Sex, at least GOOD sex, is way more than just the physical act. Whatever keeps that boat a-rockin’… 😀

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