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The one thing I love about doing the 40 Days of Freakness is the variety of sex-related posts. So far, they’ve been informative and pretty sexy. But as faithful readers of The Intoxication, you have to know I can’t go too long without throwing a Filed Under WTF? on here. And this one? This one is a doozy.

I know a few men out there measure their shafts with rulers, pencils, and hell, the old ‘big feet’ rule. And I know there’s a difference between length and girth. But what I can’t understand is the following (via the creative team at

“In what must be the least likely (or useful) diagnostic argument in history, Jason Turner claims it’s not length or girth but cubic volume that really matters when it comes to dicks. And to find out how much penis the penis is capable of penising, this invention uses water displacement to do the job. In other words, you stick your junk in a water-filled box, and however much water is kicked out by your dick tells you how big said dick is. IT’S SO SIMPLE.”

And yes, this was actually patented.

But the illustration, as demonstrated below, explains it all, right?

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