Vera’s Orgasmic Review: Devil in Miss Jones (1973)

(This is part of the 40 Days of Freakness, Day 5)

This Orgasmic Review is about the 1973 classic cult film, Devil in Miss Jones directed by legendary porn director and screenwriter, Gerard Damiano (Deep Throat). I can honestly say Devil in Miss Jones is a movie that just happens to be pornographic. For a long while, it seemed porn was moving away from telling a story and incorporating sex scenes to just having the hardcore sex appear seemingly out of nowhere. (Two strangers just happened to be stuck in an elevator and what do you know? They start having sex within two minutes. Very anti-climatic).


Damiano played non-sexual but memorable roles in Deep Throat and The Devil in Miss Jones



But let’s go back for a minute, when pornographic films actually had a plot and a storyline. The Devil in Miss Jones stars the ever-so lovely Georgina Spelvin, who was considered to be ‘old’ at the time she starred in the movie (36 years old). She plays Justine Jones, a lonely virgin who is unhappy with her life and commits suicide. She ends up in limbo and meets the Abaca (played by John Clemens). He tells her she doesn’t quite qualify for Heaven but didn’t lead a sinful life enough for Hell, despite committing suicide is an automatic guaranteed trip to Hell. Limbo, indeed.

However, Abaca gives her a chance to experience life as she wanted before she does go to Hell. (Hence the movie tagline, “If you’re going to go to Hell, go for a reason.”) Out of all of seven deadly sins to choose from, Miss Jones chooses lust and thus spends a short time having orgasmic rendezvous. From threesomes to experimentation with objects (a banana? a snake?) to double-penetration, Miss Jones definitely leaves no stone unturned.

Georgina Spelvin just turned 75. She has her own blog and frequently updates it. She is also a retired desktop publisher from the LA Times.

From the direction to the storytelling to the sex scenes to even the (gasp!) acting, it is a classic film in many ways. First, when one watches the movie, you truly forget it’s a pornographic film. The sex scenes are not gratuitous and are simply added to further the storyline. The acting is surprisingly good with each the main characters, Jones, Abaca, and The Teacher (played by Harry Reems) playing their roles to believable perfection. Of course, the only downside I could think of was the lesbian scene, which I felt was too long and pretty boring.

For those who have not seen the film, I will not spoil the ending but let’s say it’s a surprise and fits in perfectly with the story. Hands down, Devil in Miss Jones is the best pornographic film I have ever seen and no amount of sequels and prequels can ever compare. I give this 5/5 stars.

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