40 Days of Freakness, Day 2: Christian Erotica?


Christian erotica? Is this some sort of joke? You can’t be for real? Really? Christian erotica? Who writes that? Wait a minute, who would want to read that? I thought all Christians were goody-goodies.

Oh yes. The above statements are just a smidgen of what I’ve received within the past year from friends. I need to be clear: I don’t write Christian erotica nor have I ever claimed to. I’m not implying I’m going to start, neither. However, there is more to erotica than just the standard hot sex and storyline; there are many sub-genres within erotica (gay, lesbian, BDSM, just to name a few) and different ways to tell an explicit tale.  There is erotica is that catered to those of the Christian faith just like there is erotica that is catered to fans of the paranormal.

But here’s the real shocker: it’s not much different from mainstream erotica. There is still graphic language, explicit sex, and a detailed storyline. The biggest difference between Christian and mainstream erotica is the obvious lack of alternative lifestyles (read: gay, bi, transgendered, threesomes, etc) and there might be a possible mention of a certain Higher Power and a biblical reference or two. Interesting, indeed.  Now that’s out of the way, let’s look into this phenomenon.

I’ve been researching Christian erotica for a while now; I say about over a year.  As I search the almighty internet for erotica ideas and articles, it was a matter of time before I came across Christian erotica. Of course, I scoffed at it. Christian and erotica aren’t two things I would put together in a sentence, let alone as a type of fiction. However, there seems to be a mass market for Christian erotica and those who are serious about reading and writing it. Yet, the most obvious Christian erotica of them all just happens to be in the Bible. For example, take a gander at this verse:

Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread everywhere.
Let my beloved come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.

That verse comes from the Song of Solomon, which is considered to be one of the most sensual love stories in the Bible. And if you read the verse closely, the woman is talking about oral sex (who says oral sex is a sin?).


Yep, there's some pretty freaky-deeky stuff in Song of Songs.


But this Freakness post isn’t about the Song of Solomon (that’ll have its own post later). This is about Christian erotica. Now, regardless of your faith of lack thereof, you have to have found this truly fascinating. I visited a Christian erotica website, Allegia Prose, and found a few hot stories. Yes, hot. Let’s take a sneak peek at one entitled Spank Me, Baby by Reva McIntosh:

It was one of those times when Bob was trying to coax Marie into relaxing and letting herself get into the moment when he finally snapped. He had shouted at her, making her get down on her knees to suck his penis. Physically he had enjoyed it, but as soon as the moment passed he had felt a terrible guilt.  He apologized profusely, but imagine his shock and surprise to find that Marie had been turned on by his ordering her about.  He held her and felt her and for the first time ever she was really wet between the legs and responding to his touches!

With a shock that he felt on his skin like a slap, he realized that bossing her about seemed to allow her to get over her inhibitions and finally enjoy sex. Carefully, he tried that approach a few more times, and was pleased to discover that he was right. Being ordered to do things she wouldn’t ordinarily do released some restraint in Marie’s psyche. After five long and tortuous years of trying to gently coax her to relax, Bob started bossing her around in the bedroom.

The real turn around came the night he first spanked her.  He was frustrated with her lack of responsiveness (or pretending to be) and said he was going to punish her for being frigid. He was going to do exactly what HE wanted to do, and Marie could just put up with it.

Bob made Marie turn around and bend over so her could secure her hands to the enormous four-poster bed. Her butt was sticking up high in the air, and he roughly told her to spread her legs so he could see her parts.

She did, her chest heaving with excitement, and her eyes wide.

He spanked her ass lightly, at the same time drawing his fingertips through the tips of her curly hair.  Marie’s face and butt burned with embarrassment and some other kind of heat that she had never felt before.

Bob continued the light spanking, saying he wanted her to talk dirty to him and he was going to keep spanking until she did. He dipped his finger into her nether region and she jumped at the electricity of his light touch. She was soaking wet and dripping!

I don’t know about you but I found that pretty damn hot. Personally, I found it to be better than some of the just wretched mainstream erotica I have read. It just goes to show that a religious belief doesn’t mean lack of excitement and erotic flavor; if anything, it just might make it a bit more enticing.

I’m not trying to convince you, the reader, to read Christian erotica; to each his/her own. But you have to admit it’s pretty interesting to see how those in the Christian faith get down with a pen, paper and some ideas. The quietest ones are always the freakiest ones…

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