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I think we’ve all have experienced autocorrect in some form. For those who don’t know, autocorrect happens on your cell phone or some other device that corrects a word they think you’re trying to say. Sometimes, it gets it right. Sometimes, however, it gets it very, very wrong. See below:


But what if you submit the right text to the wrong person?


For more funny, click any one of the pictures for a link to the original post.

And yes, I LOL’d…a lot!

2 thoughts on “Filed Under WTF? Damn You, Autocorrect! (via

    • veraroberts says:

      I think I would *die* if I sent a sexy txt meant for my husband to a family member! OMG! I’m blushing just thinking about it!

      But the ‘cunt’ one was for the record books!

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