New Updates to the blog!


Jessica says hello...


Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re doing sexy. It’s almost March! Yikes! Where has the time gone?

Well, I’ll keep this short and diabetes sweet. There are going to be some updates to the blog but it’s all good. My ever-so popular series of Filed Under WTF? has its own page with a link to all of the posts from the beginning. I will also archive all of the V-Spot commentaries and erotic fiction. Lastly, I’m going to create a page that will highlight all of the models and photographers I frequently spotlight.

So within the next few days, you’ll see ‘magical’ changes. No, it’s not your eyesight playing tricks; it’s just me updating the blog and making it a bit more streamlined. More traffic means more organization. Win-win for everyone! Yay for more people visiting The Intoxication! I’m so happy, I might have to show some titties:

I hope all of you are doing wonderful and great. Stay beautiful, stay blessed, but remain sexy! xoxoxo


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