If You Ever Wondered How Dinosaurs Did It…

Dinosaur sex. A subject you may not have thought about since middle school, but did you ever figure out the answer to how dinosaurs knocked boots (or scales)? Probably not, but luckily Smithsonian Magazine did a little digging to find out how dinosaurs copulated before the time of Merlot and Barry White.

Theories about how dinosaurs engaged in sexual activity have included everything from the practical to the downright bizarre. Many of the wacky speculations involved the Tyrannosaurus rex, which one scientist suggested used its feeble arms for “grasping during copulation.” Other odd theories included the use of thumb-spikes, which sounds a bit S&M.




Examining dinosaur bones, scientists finally cracked the mystery of how to differentiate between female dinos and male ones. After that breakthrough six years ago, further research showed that female dinosaurs started mating early (think “Teen Mom: Jurassic Edition”), but how exactly did this mating happen? Dinosaur experts now believe three dinosaur sex positions are the most probable: 1) belly to belly 2) males facing away from standing female who backs up into the male or 3) lady dinosaur lays on her side, male dinosaur approaches from standing position.

Hmm, maybe this is a mystery that won’t be solved until we clone some dinos.

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Credit: Smithsonian.com


You know, I never really wondered how dinosaurs did it…but geez, thumb-spikes? Hayle nah.