Filed Under WTF?: Hell Has No Fury Like a Smelly Woman Scorned…


*jacked from The Weekly Vice*

I dare any of you readers of the Intoxication to read this without laughing….


Police in West Virginia say a woman turned violent when a man refused to perform oral sex — allegedly because of a foul odor coming from her you-know-where.Police say 41-year-old Melissa Lee Williams asked her estranged husband and his friend to perform oral sex. The friend said he would, but changed his mind when the clothes came off and a vaginal smell filled the air.

And it was apparently not a very good one.

Police found all three naked from the waist down, apparently (but not surprisingly) intoxicated.

Williams had allegedly pulled a knife and said, “Somebody is going to eat my (blank) or I’m going to cut your (blank)ing throat,” according to a police report quoted by The Weekly Vice.

Fill in the blanks yourself, and you can see how this turned ugly in addition to smelly.

Credit: Buck Wolf, Weird News Guide


Curious…do they make Tic-Tacs for pussies?


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    • Chantale Reve says:

      Oh no. Now, now. It was WEST Virginia. It makes a big difference and, yes, I am speaking from experience. Just please don’t ask me to explain what I mean by that.

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