Vera’s Orgasmic Review: Debbie Does Dallas

This Orgasmic Review is about the 1978 pornographic cult-classic Debbie Does Dallas, starring Bambi Woods. It is about a group of local cheerleaders who are supporting Debbie (played by Woods) in inspiring to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. However, she has no money to travel to Dallas and the funds her fellow cheerleaders are giving are not enough. It is not until she is propositioned by one of the local shop owners, Mr. Greenfield (played by Richard Balla), to show her boobs to him in exchange for money that Debbie realizes what she can do to get to Dallas.

Let’s be clear on one thing before I continue: Debbie Doesn’t Do Dallas. In fact, Debbie doesn’t do anyone from Dallas or even Houston for that matter. I’m assuming the title is a play on what Debbie has to do to get to Dallas. Now I understand this movie is considered a classic so I’ll keep that in mind. However, maybe it’s because I am such a fan of Gerard Damiano’s works that I had a hard time getting ‘into’ this movie. I know it’s sounds weird for someone to ‘get into’ a porn, but hear me out. Although, the sex scenes were nothing to write home about, the creativity is killer. After all, the masturbation scene involving a candle is pretty damn creative.

The one thing filmmaker Jim Clark and screenwriter Maria Minestra are good with is they don’t add gratuitous sex scenes for the sake of making porn. Every sex scene furthers the story along and shows what the girls are trying to do to help Debbie with her goal. That right there is an example of classic storytelling. However, with some good, there is some bad. The story drags on much longer than it should. For example, there is dialogue that doesn’t pertain to the storyline whatsoever and some sex scenes were just a little too long in my opinion. It does seem like a few of the scenes were in a constant loop. Not sure if that is true or not so you might have to see for yourself.

Woods made sequels to Debbie Does Dallas and seemingly fell off the radar. She is alive and well but living nicely in seclusion.

However, the big no-no is the editing. The editing is something short of horrendous and does take away from the quality of the movie. There is a scene where a cheerleader is clearly waiting for her cue to start walking and that is just one of a few fucking awful editing mistakes. I made a comment on twitter I couldn’t tell if Debbie Does Dallas was supposed to arouse me to give me LOL’z.

Overall, it’s a decent movie but I’m hesitant to recommend it to anyone. The storyline is classic and the sex scenes are pretty good. But it’s not a movie I’ll keep in my arsenal of porno. Out of five stars, I’ll give it 2 1/2.

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4 thoughts on “Vera’s Orgasmic Review: Debbie Does Dallas

  1. Rincewind says:

    oh yes, well it gotta be a story, hmm… most of the times, unless you need just a 5 minutes right handed help, then no story line needed 😀 but just the movie The Piano is quite such an awesome porno really except of course it’s not a porno, is so erotic in a weird way but got me an my girl going quite good… oh am waiting for your review of The Devil in Miss Jones, will be interested to know what you think…

  2. Rincewind says:

    kinda agree with you, the storyline is quite amazing for being a porno (it kinda makes sense most of the time)and I do like the sex-scenes but one big thing I do completely and utterly agree on is the editing, it’s quite awful but the charm of the movie and the ‘acting’ makes me forgive it. For me 3.5 out of 5. It is a classic and rightly so, think it did help bring out better pornos and showed that it was possible to have a porno with storyline.

    • veraroberts says:

      You are right. It was a good storyline but the editing was something I just couldn’t get past. I think I’m really big on how easily something flows be it a story or a movie.

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