Vera Vision—Naked Yoga, Part IV

The main reason Sarah did yoga, she always said to everyone, was to increase her flexibility and tone up. Bikini season was around the corner and she didn’t want to be the fat one amongst her friends. She played that role enough and wasn’t winning any accolades for it. Yoga, she boasted to her thinner girlfriends, was going to help her get back into shape. It was the sole reason and nothing but, she explained.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Sarah knew the sole reason for her trying yoga was Carlos. And as he flexed her body into yet another intoxicating position while he munched on her sweet punani, Sarah knew she made the right choice. She was sure she wasn’t the only student he’s fucked nor would she be the last. But at the moment, she didn’t give a goddamn. He was eating her pussy like a child eating bowl of leftover frosting.

She was enjoying every single lick of it.

Sarah knew there was an art to eating pussy and many of her past lovers have just flat-out done it wrong. But Carlos wrote the fucking book on pussy eating. Holding her legs straight in the air, Carlos moved his tongue quick, flexing it on her swollen nub. But he would occasionally switch it up by sucking on her pussy lips, savoring the nectar. Meanwhile, Sarah’s moans encouraged Carlos to lick faster. Her back arched off the floor as her body rode his tongue. Heaven, Sarah would later tell her girlfriends, was getting the best fucking head on planet Earth.

Her legs began to shake and her moans morphed into soft coos. Carlos knew she was close. He flicked his tongue faster on her clit, encouraging her orgasm. Sarah mumbled something that sounded like ‘I’m cumming’ and collapsed on the floor. Her body still rode the orgasmic waves as she pushed Carlos’ head away from her. As she recovered from her orgasm, Sarah felt her legs moving yet again. She opened her eyes and found Carlos turning her on her side. He lifted one leg and slid his hard cock inside of her. He moved inside Sarah with a steady pace, making long thrusts. He had one arm wrapped around her body, squeezing her breasts while the free hand pumped his cock into her.

“You’re so wet and tight for me,” he whispered as his tongue played with Sarah’s ear.

“Fuck me…” Sarah moaned.

Carlos wasted no time granting Sarah her wish. He gently put her leg down and rolled her on her stomach. Steadying himself on the floor, Carlos moved at a frenzied pace inside Sarah, his balls slapping against her pussy lips. He grunted in her ear, talking dirty to her and encouraging Sarah to cum all over his cock again. Meanwhile, Sarah screamed in pleasure, not caring who heard her. Once again, she felt an orgasm approaching and didn’t want to contain it. A loud, guttural moan erupted from deep within her as the orgasm took over again. Carlos soon pulled out and shot his hot cum over Sarah’s ass. He then collapsed beside her and tried to catch his breath.

“So…” he turned to her, “that was lesson one…”

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