Vera Vision Sneak Peek–Gettin’ Over, Pt. II (NSFW)

Tony has had sex before. Being 25, he’s had his fair share of partners. He was also going through his man-whore phase and was pretty much trying to score whatever chick he could in a short amount of time possible. Therefore, it surprised him a great deal that Ericka made the first move but that was fine by him. The cougar was sharing some moves he had never seen before.

Her tongue played with his cock delicately, tasting and testing it, if you will. But her mouth was seasoned and hot, eager to please. She combined her hands and spit on Tony’s cock a little before she started. But it was merely Ericka just preparing herself. When she was alone, she thought she forgot everything there was to lovemaking. But her inner freak didn’t. Ericka started to suck Tony’s cock and rubbing her hands around his shaft in a furious motion. The sensation was so overwhelming, Tony thought he was going to bust right then and there. He had to stop her and push Ericka away.

She was fucking wonderful and he couldn’t help but wonder what her pussy was like.