Vera Vision—Naked Yoga III (NSFW)

Sarah knew Carlos was freaky. He just looked like he would be the type that would have a woman’s body in all sorts of fucked up positions doing some kinky-ass shit she would probably be ashamed to admit later. But that was the also part of the reason why she and every other woman was so attracted to him. He made a girl want to do the freaky-deeky naughty shit.

Sarah was that girl.

They say the quiet ones are the worst and Sarah quietly snickered at the thought. There was no other explanation why she was laying on her back, spread eagle and holding her ankles.

“Don’t be nervous,” Carlos spoke quietly as if he read Sarah’s mind, “if you feel uncomfortable, I’ll stop anytime.”

“Okay,” she replied meekly, still unsure what was happening.

Carlos was now at a doggystyle-type position, with all of his weight balanced between his arms and thighs. He shifted his weight to his right arm as his left hand slid his cock inside Sarah’s eager pussy. Once he was in, Carlos gently sat back as if he was sitting on top of her. He began rocking ever-so-gently letting Sarah get used to the new friction. She didn’t need too much time. Between Carlos rocking in between her legs and having them stretched-out far and wide, Sarah was in orgasmic heaven. Carlos gently eased his cock in and out at first but soon picked up a furious thrusting pace.

It was then why Sarah discovered why Carlos chose this particular position: he wanted her to watch him move inside her. Sarah was watching her own porn and she was in the starring role. His balls slapped her clit with each movement and it was on that motion alone, Sarah felt the first of several mini-orgasms. But nothing could compare to the biggest one yet to come. Sarah’s legs began trembling and she was having a hard time keeping her grip on her ankles. Her coos turned into guttural, animalistic moans. “Fuck….fuck…I’m about to…I’m about to…I’m about to cum all over your cock…” She moaned.

“Cum for me,” Carlos dared her.

A few more thrusts and Sarah found herself screaming to the Lord and begging Carlos to stop. Carlos abruptly stopped and slid out of Sarah. She dropped her legs and curled her body into a fetal position. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and soft moans escaped her lips. Carlos gave her the fucking of her life and it would be a long time before she would recover.

Carlos laid down beside her and nibbled on her ear. “Are you okay?” He asked as Sarah nodded she was. “Good. Round Two starts now.”

To be continued….

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  1. Chantale Reve says:

    OK, I’m not going give up on Namaste yoga just yet, even though I came close to breaking my leg doing it (the yoga, that is) two weeks ago. Thanks for the motivation I needed through Sarah and Carlos’ hotttt action!

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