Vera Vision—Naked Yoga, Pt. I

Yoga is good for the mind and the soul. It helps strengths one’s body and give clarity to the mind. But sometimes the perfect opportunity comes along when stretching the muscles also involves multiple orgasms. It gives new meaning to the Downward Dog facing position.

Sarah decided to join a yoga class because she needed to get back into shape and gain some flexibility. She bought a yoga mat and special clothing just to motivate her to stay focused since she spent quite a bit of money. Now came the hard task: actually staying dedicated to exercise. She, like most people, always tried the latest fad when it was popular. She lost 40 pounds on the Atkins diet just to regain 60 of it when she got off it. She tried the energy drinks to help speed her metabolism only just to have an unpleasant visit to the ER for heart palpitations. So Sarah was finally determined to do exercise and a healthy lifestyle right. Even if it meant twisting and contouring her body in weird-ass positions.

There was one perk to her yoga sessions: her fine-as-hell instructor, Carlos. He was a muscular-build Cubano who was very much a certified Zen master. His neck-length wavy black hair was naturally shiny and Sarah silently amused he was a part-time Pantene model. His chestnut skin radiated against the sunlight, making it look extra supple. But it was his accent that made his classes quickly fill up. It was something Carlos was cool with and purposely egged on the admirers by wearing tank tops to show off his physique. He may have been a Zen master but he was not naïve. It was a win-win situation for him: more money in his pocket and more people he could teach the benefits of yoga to.

Luckily for Sarah, Carlos was going to teach her some other benefits as well. It takes great concentration to keep focused as one is standing one leg and being fucked from behind. Not an easy task…

“Keep your posture, Sarah,” Carlos said as he came up from behind and lifted up her arms a bit more, “focus on your mind.”

I rather be focusing on something else. Sarah simply nodded and concentrated on her new position. When class ended, she approached Carlos quietly. “Thank you for the guidance earlier. I really appreciated it,” she smiled.

“Not a problem,” Carlos flashed his mega-watt smile, “anything to help a student.”

“Say,” Sarah figured she would take a chance. The worst thing Carlos would do was say no, “are you available for coffee later?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t do coffee,” Carlos shook his head.

“Oh,” Sarah tried to contain her disappointment, “okay.”

“I do tea instead,” he slyly smiled.

Sarah’s spirits immediately lifted. “Tea it is.”

To be continued…