Vera Vision—Lady Cab Driver, Pt. II

In her years as a cab driver, Natalia had seen some pretty freaky shit going on in her cab. Drug use, fights, sexual play; you name it, she saw it at least twice. Some very famous people had ridden in her cab and she was almost embarrassed to admit she took them to the places that got them in the headlines the next morning. It was then Natalia realized she had to keep her emotions at home when it came to driving a cab. It was already bad enough to be a female cabbie in a world full of men. Concentrate on the job and getting the money, worry about stuff later, she told herself. But when she was offered a chance to view a lesbian sex show, well, that was new.

The fact she was still getting paid for it just made her day. She was already going to make a bit of money just taking the women to their destination. With the meter running as they performed their show for her, Natalia was already planning out what bills she as going to pay. She was going to get a show she would never forget and quite frankly, wouldn’t want to. Seeing live sex was nothing new to her; having a bonus to see it was quite exciting.

Natalia pulled into a secluded alleyway and parked the car. She turned off the lights and kept the engine running. “Here we are,” she spoke quietly without turning around.

Lisa handed Natalia a plug. “Can you put this in the auxiliary plug right there?” She motioned to the stereo.

Natalia grabbed the cord and put it in the auxiliary plug. “Alright,” she wasn’t sure if it was okay for her to turn around.

Alex softly laughed at Natalia’s shyness. “It’s okay to turn around.”

“Yeah,” Lisa chimed in, “we’re just horny lesbians.”

Natalia smiled at her own naïveté and adjusted her position so she was sitting sideways. She turned to face the women who acknowledged her before turning the focus on themselves. Lisa’s legs were spread open and her wet pussy was exposed. Her legs kept twisting from side to side, possibly to control the rising heat that was forming in between them. Alex rubbed her hands over Lisa’s nipples and gently twisted them, causing an ‘ooh’ to emit from Lisa’s mouth.

“Look at me,” Alex demanded.

Lisa blinked once and looked into her lover’s orbs. Her heat completely took over her body and she couldn’t even think straight. She simply nodded as a ‘yes’ and let her girlfriend do whatever she wanted. For Alex, it was the signal she needed. She turned on the iPod to Nine Inch Nails and powered on the OhMiBod vibrator. She smoothed the vibrator over Lisa’s throbbing clit lightly, just enough to give her a taste of what was to come. Lisa’s body twitched due to the motion. No longer was she concerned about Natalia; Lisa just wanted to get fucked.

“Enough with this teasing shit,” she breathed, “just fuck me already.”

A smug grin formed across Alex’s lips. She had her girlfriend exactly where she had her. It was now officially show time for Natalia. Holding the iPod in her hand, Alex turned the song to Nine Inch Nails “Closer.” It was the couple’s favorite sexy song and it was about to become memorable for another reason. The sensual bass line reverberated throughout the tiny cab, almost drowning Lisa’s moans as Alex inserted the vibrator inside her.

Because the OhMiBod was attached to the iPod, it vibrated to the music. Alex suckled on Lisa’s tits as she moved the vibrator inside her girlfriend faster. Her free hand concentrated on Lisa’s clit, bouncing between a flickering and rubbing motion. Lisa’s body began to shudder and her breathing became sporadic. The feeling started in her thighs, a gentle shaking and spread to the pit of her stomach. Her murmurs soon turned into loud moans, almost competing with the music.

“Oh my God…I’m…I’m coming…”she moaned.

A few more flicks of Alex’s fingers and Lisa came all over her girlfriend’s fingers and the OhMiBod. She quickly brushed Alex’s fingers away from her very sensitive clit. Alex quickly pulled out the vibrator and turned it off along with the iPod. She leaned over and kissed her girlfriend, stopping to ask if she was okay. Lisa was still reeling from her orgasm but nodded she was. Alex then turned her attention to Natalia.

“How much do we owe you?” She asked.

Natalia was blown away by what she witnessed. She had never seen something so erotic and was slightly embarrassed she noticed her panties became wet. “I think I should pay you instead….”

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