Vera Vision—Extra Credit, Pt.2

Cedric and Tracy considered themselves to be exhibitionists. Nothing was too soft or too risque for them. But getting it on at the teacher’s lounge? Tracy wasn’t sure she was ready for that. Expulsion would be the very least of their problems.

“Here?” Tracy asked. Her boyfriend surely lost his goddamn mind as far she was concerned. There was no way in blue hell she would even think about getting it on there, no matter how horny she was.

“Why not?” Cedric gave a sexy grin. “We’re here alone and no one is going to come. Well, no one but us.”

“If we get caught, we’ll be in so much trouble!”

Cedric wasn’t taking no for an answer. He knew Tracy wanted it as bad as he did. Now it was just a matter of convincing her otherwise. He began to pull out his cock and had a Magnum ready to slip on. “I guess we have to be quick.”

Tracy looked around briefly to make sure there was no one who could possibly view what was about to happen. She then slid down her shorts and panties. Even though she acted like she wasn’t turned on, it was clear Tracy was very aroused. Her thong panties were dripping wet and her clit was enlarged with heat. Cedric hastily unwrapped the Magnum and rolled it on his thick cock. He then beckoned for Tracy to climb on top of him. Holding onto his shoulders for support, Tracy mounted her boyfriend and eased herself down on his cock. She sucked her teeth and hissed at the intense friction. Cedric felt so wonderful and thick inside her tight pussy. She eased herself into a gentle rocking motion as she adjusted to his size. Even though they have had sex plenty of times, every time was still a new experience.

Gathering a gentle speed, Tracy began to bounce faster on Cedric’s cock. She rocked her body back and forth as Cedric grabbed her ass. He began thrusting his hips upward, meeting Tracy’s movements. He leaned forward and grabbed one of her nipples and playfully bit on it before he started to suck on it. The tingling sensation caused Tracy to ride Cedric faster, not wanting to prolong her orgasm. Beads of sweat formed on her body as she rode him, her hips buckling against his. She steadied her weight against him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned forward. A loud cry emitted from the pit of her stomach as the waves of orgasm washed over her body. Her body shuddered and her moans turned into soft cries of pleasure.

But Cedric wasn’t done. Once Tracy orgasmed, Cedric instructed her to get on her knees. Tracy already knew what was about to happen. She anxiously got down on her knees and looked up at her boyfriend, a big smile across her lips. She watched as Cedric stood up and began stroking his cock right over her face. It wasn’t long before his cum shot out of his cock and onto Tracy’s face. A few drops landed on her neck and on her breasts. Tracy then licked her lips, tasting what her boyfriend had to offer.

“We should extra credit more often,” Cedric winked.

“We should!” Tracy smiled back.