Vera Vision—Lady Cab Driver


  “Have you ever watched two women get off?” Alex asked the cab driver, Natalie.

    “On porn,” the shy cabbie replied.

    “Wanna have your first experience with it being live?” Lisa asked.

    Natalie’s night started off normally. She picked up a few customers and followed his normal routine. Nothing was out of the ordinary and seemed unusual. However, it was a special stop to pick up a party from Sapphire’s, a well-known strip club, which made her night unforgettable. Even her cab buddies thought she was full of shit until he presented the solid evidence. Then he began to get requests to switch routes.

    Alex and Lisa was a playful couple who had a very active sex life. From experimenting with BDSM to using different strap-ons, the women knew how to get each other off without too much effort involved. It was Alex’s idea to bring the vibrator with them to the clubs that night in case they wanted to get freaky and didn’t want to wait until they got home. But it was Lisa’s creative thinking that made the women try something radically different. On their way to another club, Lisa spotted an auxiliary plug-in. her mind spun in excitement as she reached into Alex’s purse and pulled out the OhMiBod. “I wanna try something,” she whispered to Alex.

    Lisa leaned over to the protective window that separated the driver from the passengers. “Excuse me, I have a huge request. Can we borrow your auxiliary plug-in for a few minutes? I need to charge up something.”

    Natalie didn’t seem the harm in the request and complied. Lisa slipped her the iPod cord and Natalie slipped in the auxiliary plug. She thought the ladies were simply charging their phone or mp3 player. She soon realized it was neither with the soft moans filling up the small cab space. Natalie adjusted her rear-view mirror and was almost startled by what she saw. Alex had Lisa’s blouse unbuttoned and was fondling her breasts. Alex trailed her tongue from Lisa’s neck down to her breasts and began suckling on them. Lisa’s legs naturally opened for more and Alex wasted no time playing with her girlfriend’s clit.

    During the heated moment, Lisa caught Natalie watching them through her mirror. She motioned to Lisa and whispered to her. Natalie quickly looked away and focused her attention on the road. She focused as much as she could, that is. It was very hard to concentrate after seeing two hot women going at it. “Have you ever watched two women get off?” Alex asked.

    “On porn,” Natalie shyly smiled.

    “Wanna have your first experience with it being live?” Lisa asked.

    The million dollar question. If she pulled over, Natalie would still have to charge the women for time spent. “It’ll cost you,” she quietly warned.

    “We’ll give you a good tip,” Alex smiled.

    With that, Natalie pulled over into a secluded area.

    To be continued….

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