Vera Vision—I Saw Roomie Blowing Santa Claus, Pt. 2

Tina loved to watch. She assumed the term was voyeur. But voyeur was so dirty like an old man wearing a trench coat and peeping through someone’s open blinds. She preferred the term, student. A student studies and concentrates on what they learn. Tina learned a lot by watching other people. She learned how to sit properly by watching the women in her church. She learned how to eat with chopsticks by watching her coworkers. She learned how to ride a man by going to a swinging party and watching.

So Tina wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable by watching Mariana and Jacob get it on. If she was bored, she would always go back upstairs to sleep. If she was intrigued, which she predicted she would be, Tina just might join. But for now, she was very content watching. She watched Mariana suck Jacob off and pondered about the technique she employed. While most girls start sucking slow, Mariana sucked hard and fast. She didn’t want to bore Jacob with a soft and slow suck and build her way up to a faster speed. Oh no, that was stupid according to Mariana. Once they both knew how to get each other off, there was no point of wasting time.

Mariana continued her rapid-fire sucking of Jacob. She was holding the back of his thighs to steady herself as her head moved quickly. She seemed determined to get him off and Jacob was going to let her. But just when he was about to cum, Mariana suddenly stopped. She then got on all fours and turned around to look at her boyfriend. She gave him a sexy wink and a smile. It was Jacob’s cue to assume the position.

He kneeled down and positioned himself behind Mariana. With one quick movement, he entered her and just like Mariana’s fast cock sucking, Jacob wasted no time and started a fast pace. He held onto Mariana’s hips and began to thrust harder inside her with his balls slapping her pussy lips. The pair tried hard to keep their moans silent and to a minimum, hoping not to disturb Tina upstairs. Little did they know, she was watching the action right above them.

The couple then switched positions with Mariana riding Jacob. She rocked her body in a steady ocean-wave like motion before moving into a faster rhythm. Jacob grabbed Mariana’s petite breasts and squeezed her nipples gently as he enjoyed the ride she was giving him. His cock felt so incredible being tightly wrapped by her and he felt he was about to cum any second. But Mariana beat him to the punch. A few more movements and she bent down to kiss Jacob as she screamed into his mouth from her orgasm. Her body shuddered as the orgasm washed all over her. Jacob pulled out a few seconds later and came all over his girlfriend’s ass, playfully dick-slapping her at the same time.

Upstairs, Tina enjoyed the show. She was no longer hungry so she went back to bed and pulled out one of her many toys. She put a condom on it and went to work. Her pussy was soaking wet with arousal and her body was on fire from the delicious show she watched. She inserted the dildo inside her and gasped for air. The seven-inch dildo filled her up and Tina almost forgot how big it was. She then moved it inside her slow at first but quicker with each passing stroke. Within minutes, she came all over her toy and had to bite a pillow to relieve her frustrations.

When Tina was done, she cleaned off her toy and went to sleep. One day, she will show her roommate and her boyfriend that she wasn’t that innocent. If anything, she was pretty wicked…