Vera Vision—The Strip Tease

All Marc wanted to do was to go home and have some Hennessy to ease his mind. A long day of meeting clients, arguing with vendors, and re-scheduling his agenda made him exhausted. Too bad his wife, Lola, had other plans in mind. She was going to give a show he would never forget anytime soon.

Marc came home from work and began to undo his tie and dress shirt as he walked to the front door. He walked into the dimly lit house and called for his wife, but received no answer. Must be in the shower, he thought. He set his items down and walked over to the bar to pour himself a drink. He poured the Hennessy in a glass and swirled it around. He took a brief sip and let the liquor permeate his soul. He needed that drink. Immediately his body relaxed and his soul was at ease. He loved his career as a vice president but every once in a while, there were days he dreaded his position. Even the most talented executives were underpaid.

But there was a time for work and a time for play. It was pretty evident was time it was when Lola stepped out in a hot black see-through lingerie number with matching Louboutins. She seductively walked towards her husband, with her hips jutting out with each movement. Her ass swayed from left to right and seemed to jiggle with each step. She walked past her husband and proceeded to go to the stereo system and turned it on. Robin Thicke’s “Sex Therapy” blared through the sound system. Lola then walked over to Marc and led him to the sofa.

“Relax and enjoy the show,” she whispered in his ear as she playfully bit it.

Lola walked to the middle of the living room and pulled a chair to the center of the room. She sat down on the chair and began to gyrate her body to the heavy bass line of the song. She threw her head back and rolled her body back and forth as she rode the beat. She turned around and slowly bounced her ass against the chair, pretending it was her husband she was riding. Her lingerie rode up a little to reveal her ass covered in baby oil. It was slick, supple and ready to get fucked in as many positions as possible. She was a curvaceous beauty, with full double-Ds and thick hips and thighs. She wasn’t fat but very blessed in the right areas and Lola knew it, too. She lip-synched the lyrics to her husband, who was now standing at attention. Marc now just wanted to fuck his wife and was getting frustrated that the song was so damn long.

Marc wouldn’t have to wait too much longer. Lola’s lingerie began to slide off her body, rolling off her breasts and bunching up around her waist. Lola spread her legs and revealing no panties and a glistening pussy. She was horny but was keeping her composure. Marc always said it was her secret torture on him. She could be dripping wet and act like nothing was happening. He hated it but privately looked forward to it each and every time. She beckoned Marc to come towards her and he didn’t waste any time. He hurriedly set down his drink and walked to his wife. He stood in front of Lola and looked down at her. Lola unbuckled Marc’s pants and unzipped him. She then reached in and pulled out his hard cock. Every touch she made, his cock bounced with eagerness and excitement and she couldn’t wait to taste.

“Ready for your sex therapy session, baby?” She cooed.

It was going to be a good night…