Vera Vision—The Unusual Wedding Gift



Bella always had an unique relationship wit her daughter. They were more friends than mother and daughter.  So it was really no surprise when she received the most unusual wedding gift–porn.

Bella shook her head and almost fell into hysterics about seeing the vintage Lust of Blackula porn.  She didn’t know whether to toss the DVD in the garbage or continue in her fits of laughter.  But she knew Maria was going to ask if she watched the porn at some point.  Wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes, Bella figured she might as well keep the god-forsaken gift. It could’ve been worse. Little did Maria know the DVD created an unforgettable evening with Bella and her new husband. There was nothing hotter than fucking doggystyle on the kitchen counter…

Despite what people liked to argue and discuss, there is only one goal people have in mind when they watch porn: getting off and getting off quickly. No one watches it for the dialogue, wardrobe (or lack thereof) and no one gives a damn about the plot. But Bella wasn’t your typical porn voyeur, oh no. she only watched the classic porn that had a storyline that justified the fucking. She was the atypical porn viewer. Maria thought she was just plain weird. It’s one thing to know your mother was into porn; it’s a different can of worms to know she’s into a certain type. Maria felt silly thinking all porn was the same.

Bella stared at the DVD for an additional minute and quickly took it out. She might as well get some use of it, she thought. If there were corny porn movies, Lust of Blackula was definitely the crème de la crème of them all. The acting was nothing short of atrocious and Bella was pretty sure there was no storyline. But as she watched the cheesy porn video, Bella discovered something about the porn that wasn’t so bad—the fucking. The women were beautiful and had delicious snatches. The men were hung and had thick cocks. And the sex scenes were off the chain. Lots and lots of close up of hard cocks moving inside of tight and wet pussies. Bella already decided she was going to employ one particular scene over dinner.

Dimitri came home to an amorous setting. Candles were lit. Incense burned. Champagne was chilled. He turned a corner to find Bella on the kitchen counter wearing a lace teddy and thigh-high stockings, casually sipping champagne. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she said seductively.

Dimitri didn’t have to ask what she meant before his clothes were on the floor. He stood in between her soft thighs and watched her as she fed him a strawberry. “Wanna do me on the counter?” She whispered.

Bella pushed Dimitri away and moved her legs to the counter. She got down on all fours and spread her legs so they were parallel to her arms. She then turned around and winked to her husband. “Are you going to fuck me or do I have to get off by myself?”

Dimitri didn’t have to wait to get his cock hard before he mounted the counter. He kneeled behind his wife and slid his cock inside her tight pussy. He didn’t wait for her to adjust to his size as he began fucking her in a furious rhythm. His balls slapped her pussy lips, making them glisten with her juices. Dimitri then reached over and tickled Bella’s clit with a free hand. Bella tried to keep her orgasm under wraps but her body wouldn’t let her. She began to shake and was finding it hard to keep her grip on the counter. She erupted in a soft cry as her body orgasmed, cumming all oer her husband’s cock. Dimitri sped up his pace faster and pulled out, shooting his load on the small of Bella’s back.

Coming down from their high, the couple washed up and ordered pizza for dinner. Bella casually mentioned to Dimitri that she needed to thank her daughter for the wedding gift. He agreed.