Vera Vision—The Beautiful Wand

Ella Rose

Most women aren’t too picky about the sex toys they use as long as they get the job done. Rebecca wasn’t most women. She specifically picked out the prettiest dildos and vibrators, despite some of them not being of good quality. Only Rebecca knew the method to her madness. Just imagine the pleasant surprise when her new pretty vibrator actually did get her off—several times over.

Rebecca considered herself the stereotypical girly girl—she loved the color pink, had an arsenal of high heels and short skirts, and frequently experimented with different makeup looks. Her manicure and pedicure was always kept on point and she always smelled like an alluring fragrance. So it was no surprise that Rebecca was just as picky with her sex partners in the same manner with her designer bag selection. Only the best was going to go inside her pussy. She had a reputation to protect, you know.

But when it came to toys, Rebecca didn’t care. Most toys had one purpose and that was to get her off. But if she was going to spend money on a toy, she might as well get a pretty one. She browsed through the website and found the perfect vibrator. The Ella. It was a maroon color with a sleek design. It boasted of five speed settings and guaranteed orgasm after orgasm. Of course they all do. They are just like men, Rebecca snickered. The price was pretty reasonable and she decided to give the toy a shot. She quickly placed the order and anxiously awaited its arrival.

A few days later, the Ella arrived. Rebecca hastily opened the package and stared at her new wonder. It was a beautiful toy. It might have been too beautiful. Rebecca didn’t care about using her other toys because they were of cheap quality and she often threw them away after a few uses because of it. But she spent some money on the Ella and didn’t want to use it. It was just way too pretty to be covered in her juices. However, whether the toy was going to be used wasn’t going to be her decision as she would later find out.

One night, Rebecca brought home a paramour to her apartment. After a couple rounds of hot sex, the pair took a breather and made small bedroom talk with each other while recuperating for the next session. As Rebecca shared her toy collection and all its wonder, she accidentally showed off the Ella. The remarkable toy caught her new lover by surprise and he wanted to hold it. Rebecca didn’t think anything of it and gave the toy to him and let him admire it. But her nonchalant thinking turned into a frenzied panic attack when he suggested using it on her. Him? Use her nice vibrator on her? Oh fuck no!

Oh fuck yes was really the answer he was looking for. After a few minutes of coaxing and convincing, Rebecca’s new lover turned on the Ella to the lowest setting and gently pressed it against her clit. Not bad, Rebecca thought. It was a soft purr and had almost a tickling sensation. Rebecca didn’t see what the big deal was about the toy but her new lover was insistent on using it a bit more. she reluctantly agreed and let him do his work. After all, he was more impressed by it than she was.

However, Rebecca’s lover turned the Ella to the third highest setting and Rebecca thought she was about to lose her mind. Already on the third-highest setting and Rebecca felt her body getting ready to orgasm. She tried to tell her lover to stop but she couldn’t catch her breath in time. He turned up the Ella to the highest setting and Rebecca came almost instantly. She brushed the toy away from her swollen clit as she curled into a fetal position. No other toy had that effect on her entire body and the Ella definitely turned her out.

Her pretty vibrator turned into a beautiful wand almost overnight. Rebecca was definitely a fan.