Vera Vision Sneak Peek–May I Take Your Order, Pt. 2

Stephanie loved the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino. Whenever it was the holiday season, she was always excited about that particular Frappunccino. The beautiful combination of mint, coffee, and chocolate was just to die for. Never did Stephanie think she would actually be using the Frappunccino to suck someone off. There was definitely a first for everything.

Cedric was bigger than Stephanie imagined. Truth to be told, she didn’t know what size he could’ve been as long as he wasn’t small. She definitely got her wish when he pulled out and revealed a thick 9-inch cock. The biggest she’s ever had was a little over 7 inches and she thought that was pretty big. Now Stephanie’s only concern was that Cedric wasn’t going to rip her apart. “I’ll be gentle,” he reassured her as if he was read her mind.

Cedric hoisted Stephanie on top of the counter and spread her legs. He reached up and pulled down her panties. He bent over and admired the beautiful snatch Stephanie had. It was lightly covered in brown hair and was very trimmed. Her snatch looked mouth-watering tight and Cedric couldn’t wait to sample it. He spread her lips apart with a free hand and lightly licked her. Stephanie squirmed a bit on the counter but Cedric kept her legs steady. He then gradually increasing his soft licking to rapid-fire tongue movement as Stephanie tried to steady herself on the counter. There was no doubt he was just as horny as she was.