Vera Vision—May I Take Your Order?

Stephanie loved her Starbucks. Her addiction had gotten to the point that she was forced to buy a coffeemaker and Starbucks coffee from the store because her monthly coffee bill was topping $400. But every once in a while she would splurge and get a Frappuccino at the store. One particular night, she was glad she did.

She decided to go into Starbucks and do some homework at the café. She ordered her usual Mocha Frappuccino and sat in a far corner by the front of the store. She looked up occasionally to see the traffic going in and out of the store but mainly focused on her homework. Before Stephanie knew it, it was near closing time and she had to get ready to leave. She began packing up her belongings when a deep voice stopped her.

“No, you’re okay, Miss,” a tall and dark gentleman reassured her, “I’ll let you know when it’s time to leave.”

Stephanie looked up and locked eyes with one of the hottest men she had seen in a minute. He was a chocolate brother with a chiseled face that could probably cut glass. He was toned and from what Stephanie gathered, was probably an athlete of some sorts when he wasn’t working. But he was all eye and ear candy to her. She silently cursed herself for not coming into that particular Starbucks more often. She stared at the man for a few more minutes and then went back to her studying.

Fifteen minutes later, the man softly interrupted Stephanie. “You seem like you could use one of these.” He handed her a hot chocolate.

Stephanie smiled. “Thank you,” she briefly stretched, “was it that obvious?”

“Slightly,” the man smiled as he held out his hand, “I’m Cedric.”

“Stephanie,” she smiled back. She looked around the café and noticed that it was just him and her there. She was so concentrated on studying that she didn’t realize all the patrons had been long gone. “I guess it’s time for me to leave.”

“If you want,” Cedric flashed his mega-watt smile, “or you can stay and we can get to know each other.”

“Are you coming onto me?” Stephanie flirted.

Cedric smiled and shook his head, “No,” his answer disappointed Stephanie, “unless…you want me to?”

It was that moment Stephanie felt the porn music should’ve been cued in. What happened next was straight out of a Cinemax movie. From fucking aganist the espresso machine to a doggystyle position on the counter, Stephanie would have several other reasons why she enjoyed Starbucks coffee.

To be continued…

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