Vera Vision—3


Melody knew she shouldn’t talk shit when she was around her friends. Worse yet, her mouth wrote a check her pussy and ass were about to cash. But it wasn’t that she was complaining. In fact, it’s exactly what Melody wanted.

Every man dreams of a threesome and many have turned the fantasy into a reality. What was there not to love about having two women suck and fuck a man until he’s bone dry? But a threesome for a woman was always a taboo subject. It’s one thing to be a special guest star; it’s another thing to be the major star and have two men be the supporting players. Of course, Melody thought about having a threesome and wondered out loud what it would feel like to have all of her holes stuffed with cocks and tongues. But to her, she was talking shit. To her friends, Jamie and Marco, she presented an opportunity that couldn’t be wasted.

The night started off normally: dinner, drinks, and some bar-hopping. A few drinks later and inhibitions were relaxed and hormones were jumping. The truth serum in the liquor made its presence. Next thing Melody knew, she was making out with Jamie while Marco was rubbing her clit through her jeans. Both men took turns on Melody’s body from sucking on her neck to playing with her tits. All three were so caught up with each other they barely noticed the driver had stopped at Jamie’s house.

From the moment they entered the home, it was a race to take off clothing. Melody barely took off her jeans and T-shirt before she found Marco bending her over the couch. He hastily pulled down her panties and kneeled down behind her so her pear-shaped ass was directly in front of his face. He then spread Melody’s cheeks and gave her a rim job. He trailed his tongue from her swollen clit to the tight circumference of her cinnamon ring. Marco held onto Melody’s ass as he began to focus more on her clit, flicking it back and forth on his sharp tongue.

Meanwhile, Jamie positioned himself on the back of the sofa so Melody could suck him as Marco ate her pussy. She wasted no time as he grabbed Marco’s thick cock and hungrily devoured it as Jamie gave her the tongue fucking of her life. The men switched positions and continued the pleasure assault on Melody’s body, giving her multiple orgasms just by the licking alone. But for the men, it was only just beginning. Marco grabbed some Magnums and tossed a few over to Jamie, indicating it was going to be, literally, a long fucking night.

Melody bent over and rode Marco softly as she adjusted to his thick cock. It felt like a glove inside her tight snatch and she thought she could ride him all night. But Jamie had other plans in mind. He already sampled Melody’s pussy and now he wanted a taste of her ass. He squatted behind Melody and held her steady as he slid his cock in her ass. The new invasion surprised Melody a bit and she naturally whimpered and clenched up. Jamie kissed her back, reassuring her he was going to be as gentle as possible. Once Melody relaxed, Jamie moved inside her, steadily increasing his pace.

Meanwhile, Melody rode Marco faster and bounced her tits in his face. Her body could no longer withstand the pressure and she came all over Marco’s cock and collapsed on top of him. Not one to feel left out, Marco wrapped his arms around Melody’s back and thrust hard inside her until he came as well. A few minutes later, Jamie pulled out and shot his load all over Melody’s ass before he collapsed beside the pair. All three took a brief nap but Round 2 began shortly later. And Melody could hardly wait.