Vera Vision—Lickin’ The Alphabet, Pt. 2




You know what’s hotter than being tied up? You don’t know? Me neither. I was just asking a question.

It was really hard not to fuck the shit out of Yvette when we were in the shower together. She wanted to make sure we were nice and clean for each other because she guaranteed it was going to be a long night for the both of us. But do you know how hard it is knowing that your pussy is soaking wet and ready to be licked while your allegedly Vanilla girlfriend acts like there’s not a care in the world as she bathes you? It’s fucking hard.

After the shower, we dry each other off and head back to the bedroom. Yvette starts lighting various candles around the room to set the mood. She then takes the restraints out and ties them on each end of the bed posts. Now that I’m thinking about it, seeing her being so focused on the restraints makes her excitement about getting a four-post bed several months ago much understandable. She said she was excited because she liked the royalty look of the bed. I can honestly say now without a shadow of a doubt, she was full of shit.

But my girlfriend’s mind games are not important right now; when and how I’m going to get fucked is. After Yvette gives me a sensual massage, she leads me to the bed and ties me with the restraints. I’m officially gone from being soaking wet to having a miniature rainforest in between my legs. Ugh! Just fuck me already! But no, that’ll be too easy. And on top of her little bondage game, Yvette also puts a blindfold over me so I can’t see a damn thing. I’m so fucking turned on right now, it’s a good thing I’m tied up. Yvette wouldn’t know what hit her.

After a few minutes of very impatient waiting, Yvette finally starts the evening. But what she has in mind is something pretty creative and a bit kinky, if you think about it. She licks every single body part in alphabetical order. But here’s the kicker: she doesn’t use slang like pussy or tits. Instead, she licks based on the medical terms. Ears, breasts, clitoris, vulva, toes, anus; you get the idea. She knows my earlobes are my hot spots and it is with heavy anticipation I wait before she reaches them. The moment she does, I don’t think I had ever screamed so hard in my life. My body is on fire and I feel like I’m about to pull the restraints off the posts any minute now.

However, Yvette has another idea in her head. She stopped playing with my earlobes and trails her tongue down my navel to my beyond-wet pussy. My clit is sensitive to the air and my body naturally convulses on its own now. She then begins to lick my pussy with letters of the alphabet. Mind you, she’s doing lower-case because it has more curves. The tip of her tongue is playing with my clit like it’s an ice cream cone and she’s trying to get the last drops of ice cream before it runs down the cone. The pleasure is unbelievable and I feel I’m about to burst just based on the thought alone. I don’t know how much more I can take and I try to hold on as much as I can. But it’s no use. Yvette hadn’t even reached the letter R before I cum all over her tongue. I feel the orgasm in the bottom of my gut and it rolls throughout my body. My body collapses back on the bed after damn-near tearing off the posts from the intensity.

Yvette crawls back to my face and kisses me. I want to get out of these goddamn restraints and properly fuck her but she shushes me. Turns out she was just starting the night out. My little Vanilla girlfriend has some more playing to do…