Vera Vision—The Heiress, Pt 2



“Well, are you going to fuck me or do you want to get fired?” Mariana asked.

Gerard smiled at the young beauty before him. He would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about bending Mariana over and fucking the taste of her mouth. Now he had the perfect opportunity to do it. All the bullshit he had to put up with for his job was worth dipping his cock inside the little princess if only just one time. Every man at one point had a fantasy of fucking the boss’s daughter. Now Gerard was actually going to do it.

He took off his shirt, revealing a muscular chest—something Mariana was pleasantly surprised by. She always thought Gerard was a cute guy but she also knew there was no way he would make a move on her. Getting fired by her overprotective father would be the very least of his problems. But it didn’t stop her from fantasizing. She always visualized he would just take her in the kitchen, the garage, or anywhere for that matter. She wasn’t picky about the where portion. It was the when factor that always got her. Her chance to get ravaged by the butler was finally going to happen. She breathed a sigh as he joined her on the bed. Gerard had a sexy aura about him and he had no qualms satisfying the heiress’ request.

He just simply smiled. “As you wish, Mariana.”

Mariana quickly handed him the dildo and Gerard had a puzzled look on his face as he studied the toy. It was a glass dildo with peculiar bumps on it. He assumed the bumps were for extra pleasure and Gerard found himself smirking at the thought. What woman wanted something bumpy inside her twat? He wondered. Apparently, the answer was laying butt-ass naked right next to him. Gerard would later humor his silly thoughts as he switched positions and got ready for Mariana, who was already stripped down to her bra and thong panties. The look on her face wrecked of horny desire and sheer frustration. Gerard already knew Mariana was far from being virginal; her vixen reputation succeeded her long before he met the princess. His mind quickly raced from possibly being caught from her father to being fired by Mariana simply because he didn’t make her cum.

Pressure, indeed.

Studying Mariana’s pussy for a brief moment, Gerard decided the best way to proceed was to make her wet. He pulled aside her panties and began to lick her gently. Mariana kept herself clean, completely waxed except a little strip starting from the top of her crotch and leading down to her hot core. Her past boyfriends referred it as her landing strip. Mariana, on the other hand, referred as the personal GPS system. Maybe it was both: Gerard had no problem finding her swollen nub of pleasure and focused on it almost immediately. He alternated from sucking to licking and Mariana thought she was going to go through the roof based on his tongue skills.

But Gerard was just getting started. Just when Mariana was about to cum, he stopped and inserted her dildo. Just like he was with the oral pleasure, Gerard was gentle and studied Mariana’s body. When he knew she needed more, he sped up the dildo movement little by little as he watched the toy become wetter with her juices. He then decided to lick her sweet pussy again as he fucked her with the toy. A part of it was ego and wanting to get her off. The real reason was to make sure he was not to going to get fired.

The pressure between being fucked and licked was too much for Mariana to bear and she erupted in a loud cry as her body shuddered from the explosive orgasm. She quickly brushed away Gerard’s face and toy from her pussy and curled up in a fetal position as her body rode the orgasmic waves. Once she calmed down, she opened her eyes and saw Gerard smiling back at her.

“Why are you smiling?” She asked as she reached over to her nightstand and tossed a condom at him. “That was just the appetizer. I want the main course now…”

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