Vera Vision—The Heiress, Pt. 1



Only the best toy would go inside her pussy. After all, she was the Heiress.

Growing up as the only daughter of one of Hollywood’s most powerful entitled Mariana to a lot of things. She was dressed in Gucci from the day she came home from the hospital. She was on her third Mercedes by the time she was 21. And her bank account? A regular person could only dream to have that much in their lifetime. So when she began to experiment with sex and masturbation, it was only fitting she had the best sex toys. But no one could ever imagine a 24-karat gold dildo. Even Mariana was surprised they even existed.

But still, her curiosity was piqued. The advertisement on the website looked promising. The dildo was comprised of both glass and 24-karat gold. Not to mention, it was cute. A pretty pink dildo for a princess like herself, Mariana smiled. Mariana wasted no time as she placed the order. She could definitely tell her girlfriends that she had a golden pussy.

A few days later, the dildo came wrapped in a discreet package. Mariana quickly snatched the box and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She tore open the box and looked down at her new toy in amazement. There it was in its shiny glory. It was pink with gold flecks and about seven inches in length. There were several nubbies on the dildo for increased pleasure. Mariana felt herself becoming aroused just by looking at the toy. But she wasn’t about to get herself off. That’s what servants were for.

Exactly two minutes later, the family butler, Gerard, was in Mariana’s bedroom. He was an older man, in his late 30s and had a rugged look about him as a result of working blue-collar jobs most of his life. He only accepted the butler position because of the economy and the free housing. Other than that, he didn’t give a fuck about the spoiled princess and her needs. So when she beckoned him to meet her in the bedroom, he simply rolled his eyes and answered her call.

“Yes?” He hoped his tone didn’t come out as exasperated like he felt.

“I got this new toy,” Mariana showed him, “but I don’t want to get my hands dirty,” she then flung the glass dildo at Gerard, who barely caught it. “Get me off.”

Suddenly, Gerard didn’t think his job being a butler was all that bad…

To be continued….

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