Vera Vision—Super Freak


She was a very kinky girl. And he married her.

Some men would get their wives drunk. Some would buy them fancy jewelry. Nathan only wished it was that simple but his wife wasn’t an ordinary woman and her request wasn’t too surprising. But as Nathan stared himself down in the mirror, he couldn’t help but wonder: Was a husband wearing fishnet stockings and Louboutins a part of the marriage vows?

Nathan loved to please his wife. Whether it was getting her off or just making Nicole smile, it always gave him a sense of satisfaction. But her latest request? Was she high? The things a husband would do to in order to fuck his wife in her ass. Out of all of things, Nathan never thought it required wearing fishnet stockings and high heels was any of them. When he and Nicole date, Nathan knew how kinky she was. She once surprised him by showing up at his work wearing a long coat and stilettos.

Then there was the time she gave him a hand job underneath the table at Thanksgiving. She always wanted to experiment and Nathan was definitely game. She often said when they got married, she would reveal more but never divulged exactly what she meant. She always made the vague statement, “You’ll see once we’re married.”

“Honey, are you ready?” Nicole asked.

Nathan shook his head. Was he really dressed in stockings and heels? Just to fuck his wife anally? At least he didn’t have to get her drunk or spend a small fortune at Tiffany’s. But what the fuck was he doing? Why in the fuck was he doing it was the better question. No picture evidence of his getup could ever be revealed. He would be clowned for years by his boys. He begrudgingly exited the bathroom in his new get-up. Not an expert at walking in heels, he occasionally stumbled, causing a few chuckles from Nicole. “I’m glad you think this is funny,” he snarled.

“It is,” Nicole shrugged. She tossed a bottle of ID lube to her husband. “A deal’s a deal.”

Nathan looked down at the small bottle of lubricant and already felt his cock jump. He completely forgot how foolish he looked and remembered why he honored every insane request by his wife. She always kept her promises. Now he was about to make right on one promise soon; he was going to tear Nicole’s ass up.

To be continued….

*Above model is Jessica Drue; photography by pirate photography*