Vera Vision—Strangers on a Train, Pt. 2


So when he saw Brian sitting across from him, Jason tried to act like he never knew he existed. Maybe he tried too hard. Brian kept staring at him. It wasn’t an uncomfortable stare but the stare. The look he wanted to suck Jason off. And Jason wanted Brian to suck him off. But on a train? Where other people could see? Too risky and way too dangerous. Or was it?

Taking the man’s cue, Jason followed Brian to the next cabin. When he entered, he saw nothing. He felt led on. Immediately, Jason felt stupid and began to return back to his seat when he was taken by surprise. Brian grabbed him by his neck and pulled him aside. The new lovers wasted no time as they began to take each other’s clothes off. Before Jason could even ask a question, his mouth was quickly silenced by Brian’s lips. It was clear Brian was no rookie, but then again, neither was Jason. The men explored each other’s mouths, tasting each other. But there would be another time to get romantic; Jason wanted action. He quickly kneeled down and started to suck Brian’s hard cock, whose size surprised Jason a little. Brian was long and thick but it wasn’t going to be a problem. The bigger, the better as far Jason was concerned. He started slow, savoring the taste of Brian and quickly found a nice and fast rhythm. His tongue tickled the underside of Brian’s cock while Jason’s free hands played with his balls. Brian, meanwhile, was in heaven. Jason had the mouth of a Hoover and was trying to suck him dry.

But Brian was going to cum later. He wanted inside Jason. He quickly pulled out a condom and ripped it open with his teeth. Brian then bent Jason over and spread his ass to enter him. He began slow at first, as Jason adjusted to his size. Brian had a thick cock and it filled Jason completely. Jason began to silently question if he was able to take all of him. However, his answer would not have a reply as Brian began to move fast inside him. Jason, not wanting anyone else to hear what was happening, grunted along with the thrusts.

Meanwhile, Brian reached over and stroked Jason’s hard cock as he continued to fuck him. Jason felt he was losing control. His senses were all over the place and his body felt like it was floating. He couldn’t contain his orgasm any longer and didn’t want to. He warned Brian he was about to cum and Brian slapped his hand over Jason’s mouth. Jason then shot all over Brian’s hand as his body convulsed. The tight pressure and intense heat of Jason was too much for Brian and he came hard shortly afterwards. He collapsed on Jason’s back as the orgasm ran through his body. Both men were exhausted, sweaty, and completely satisfied.

After a few minutes, the men straightened up the clothes and left the cabin. They returned to their respective seats and continued about their business as if nothing had happened. But it would not be the last time the men would encounter each other. Not by a long shot…

*Above movie caption is from the Alfred Hitchcock film, ‘Strangers on a Train’*