Vera Vision—Strangers on a Train


He wondered exactly how long it was going to take the young man to follow him to the other cabin. He was either gay or shy, there was no question about the choices. But Brian was going with the latter instead of the former.

Brian could tell the young man was gay. It wasn’t his ‘gaydar,’ knowing someone is gay without them revealing their sexual preference. No, Brian just knew. Maybe it was because he was gay himself or the fact the young man was trying too hard not to look in Brian’s direction. It was always the tell-tale sign. A young gay man pretending to be straight so no one could figure it out the secret. Every young gay man had the same story before they came out and the hot cutie across from Brian was no different. He was young, probably in his early 20s. He was dressed professionally, with his blond hair coiffed and very neat. He had sharp hazel eyes and Brian already knew that was one of his best physical features. He imagined the dick size on the young man was nice as well. He was built like a quarterback. He appeared to be quite tall and muscular and had a difficult time finding suits that fitted his body just right. It was amazing the analysis Brian could do just by looking at a person. He blamed his psychologist mother.

Brian folded his newspaper and casually walked in front of the young man on his way to the next empty cabin. Brian didn’t look back to see if the young man was looking at him. He knew. He felt the man’s hazel eyes boring holes into his body. Now the ball was in his court.

Jason always knew he was gay. He knew when he was a little boy. He preferred dressing up his sister’s Barbies than to play with his Tonka toys. But it was crystal clear to him when he was in high school. His hormones were all the rage and he particularly liked going to gym class just to check out his classmates’ bodies. But no one could ever know his big gay secret. No one. As a result of keeping such a hard secret, Jason over-excelled at everything. He was the star athlete in every sport. He got the best grades and could speak fluent Spanish by the end of his senior year. And the ladies? He had plenty of them. He once boasted of nailing the entire cheerleading squad. His reputation of being a great lover made him legendary and old flames still tried to holler at him on Facebook.

Too bad he preferred playing with balls than tits.

*Above picture is a screen caption from the movie ‘Strangers on a Train’*

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