Vera Vision—The Curious Experiment

Denise always wanted to test the waters of her bi-curiosity. She knew there was something more than just the idea of wanting to do something. She actually wanted to fuck a woman to see what it was like. But she was apprehensive. She didn’t have a certain type and didn’t want to go out just to fuck anyone. Some butches were a bit too aggressive for her taste. Some of the Lipstick girls might not even give Denise the time of day. But flipping through the ads on craigslist made her try to test something else instead. She was going to get a tranny.

Transsexuals usually catered to men who wanted to be with a man that looked like a woman. Denise, naturally, was going to do something similar—sleep with a man who had tits but still had a dick. It was something she was sure she wanted to do. Now it was a matter of putting on her big girl panties and doing it. Or maybe it was taking off her big girl panties and doing it. Just when Denise was ready to give up on her quest to dally with a she-male, she found what she was looking for. Leah was her name. Her pictures presented a raven-haired beauty with smokey grey eyes, pouty lips, and buxom body. Her ad boasted of a 7-inch cock and service price of $200.

Denise wasn’t a fan of paying for it. She didn’t mind prostitutes but she thought those who paid for it were desperate and lonely. Now she found herself in the exact situation she often criticized. Go figure. She sucked up her pride and called up Leah. The worst thing that could happen was Denise being freaked out and she would hang up. Fortunately for Denise, she was immediately pinged to Leah’s voicemail. She silently breathed a sigh of relief. She secretly hoped she didn’t get Leah live over the phone. Stammering through the voicemail, Denise left her number and hung up. Now came the hard part: waiting.

She didn’t have to wait too long. Within an hour of leaving the voicemail, Denise was startled out of her concentration by her cell phone ringing. It was a familiar number. It was Leah’s number. Hesitantly, Denise picked up the phone. She was expecting a Barry White voice or someone who sounded like a man. Instead, she heard a soft almost feminine-like voice. Leah was calming, almost therapeutic. They talked for over the course of an hour about whatever topic tickled their fancy: the weather, high-heeled shoes, and what foods to eat to get rid of the junk in the trunk. They sounded more like two long-lost friends reconnecting than two women about to negotiate a sex deal. Even when it came time to talk sex business, it was a breeze. They agreed on a first-timer’s price of $125 and Leah would meet Denise at her apartment.     After Denise got off the phone with Leah, not only did she feel comfortable with her decision but she actually couldn’t wait until Leah came over a couple days later.

Maybe she needed an extra day to prepare. The day of her appointment with Leah, Denise was frantically running around town trying to get her errands done. She cleaned her apartment a couple of times just to make sure it was perfect. She was positive Leah wouldn’t care but it didn’t matter to Denise. She had to make a good impression. Just when Denise was getting ready to do yet another walk-through in her apartment, there was a soft knock on her door. When Denise opened the door, she was stunned by what she saw. A tall and slender woman who looked like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue. If Denise didn’t know Leah was a tranny, she would’ve thought she was a gorgeous woman. She let her inside the apartment and closed the door behind her.

Now the fun was about to begin.