Vera Vision—Heart of Glass, Part 2


The only thing better than phone sex was the actual act itself. Nothing could compare the first taste of friction between a hard shaft and a welcoming pussy. Nothing came close to being brought close to the edge and then back several times. And the orgasm was always the best part. Getting to the orgasm was always fun but actually having one? Nothing—absolutely nothing—could compare.

But with several thousand miles of distance between the lovers, phone sex was the only option. It wasn’t a bad option now Trina had a new toy to experiment. But no matter how great the Phallix was proven to be, nothing could compare to the feeling of James’ hard and thick cock moving inside her. Still, Trina improvised with what she had. With James’ deep baritone rumbling in her ear, she was going to get off pretty soon, if not several times.

“Are you nice and wet for me?” He asked.

With a little help of lubrication, Trina was. Normally, she would be instantly wet when James was around her. It didn’t matter if they were having dinner or watching a basketball game. It was as if her pussy had a mind of its own when it came to James. It wasn’t a bad thing. ” Very.”

“Good girl,” he smiled through the phone, “now play with your pussy for me. Nice and slow.”

Trina closed her eyes and let her mind wander to the last time they were together. 6 months was a long time and the distance was just as bad. It was their mission to make the last night memorable since it was going to be a very long time before they could have sex again. Memorable it was, legendary it became. Nothing was held back. Toys, bondage, food play, role play. Quick cums, multiple orgasms, minute-long orgasms. Nothing was too taboo for the lovers. It was a night that was tattooed in Trina’s memory. It was a night that was often replayed in her mind when she masturbated.

Slipping a finger inside, Trina smiled as she remembered how James held her legs as he thrust hard inside her. Fuck, he felt so wonderful inside her tight pussy. When they switched to doggy-style, he was commanding yet gentle. He grabbed onto her waist for leverage as he bucked against her.

“Ohhh fuuuuuuuck…” Trina moaned.

“Put the cock inside you, baby,” James suggested.

Trina wasted no time and slipped the Phallix inside her. It was rigid and smooth, like her boyfriend. She glided it in and out of her pussy as she remembered how James would do it. Gradually, she moved the Phallix faster inside her, putting it as far as it would go. She then moved her free hand to her clit and began to work it, not wanting to prolong the session but wanting to cum quickly. She began breathing in spurts. “I’ma…I’ma….oooh shiiiiiiiiiiit….”

James let Trina come down from her orgasmic high before he spoke to her. “Was that a good cum, baby?”

“Hell yeah, it was!” Trina smiled. “I wish you were here with me.”

There was a sudden knock at Trina’s door. James arrived home a week earlier than his scheduled departure date. “Girl, I’m here. Open up. What you experienced was just an appetizer…”