Vera Vision—Heart of Glass


It looked like something that should’ve been in a sex museum. It was delicate and intricate with exotic designs. Trina couldn’t take her eyes off it. How long did it take to make? How strong was it? Most importantly, what were the odds nothing was going to break inside her? Her new object of interest? A glass dildo. Now all she had to do was swallow some courage juice and she’ll be on her way.

Trina was in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, James. James was literally on the other end of the globe working on a major project for his new job. It was his big break and they didn’t want to separate because of the distance. Instead, the couple made the best of their situation. Many phone conversations and text messages. A two-hour phone date at least once a week was definitely a requirement.

And of course, no long distance relationship could be complete without some hot phone sex. That was when Trina knew exactly how down and dirty James really was. Sure, he occasionally talked dirty to her when they had sex, but it was nothing like what he said over the phone. He was dirty but not filthy. He knew what to say to her without trying to come off as disgusting. So it was a matter of time before James took their sex adventures one step further.

As a 6-month anniversary gift, James sent Trina a prize he was sure she would never forget. The Phallix glass dildo. Trina remembered admiring it in the sex shop they frequented but didn’t think about purchasing it. Why would she? For one, it was expensive. And two, most importantly, it was fucking glass. It was bad enough where a porous toy could cause a nasty infection. But imagine the thought of glass breaking off while it’s being used? Not a fun idea and Trina definitely wasn’t sold. Sure, the store manager told her the glass was 100% safe and there was no way in hell it would break off. But Trina still had her reservations. She decided it was nice to admire the toy from afar.

But then it showed up at her front door. So much for admiring.

The toy itself, the Phallix, was quite the conversational piece. The shaft was leopard print while the head was a solid blue color. Trina figured her subconscious purchased the toy just based on how pretty it was. There was no real intention of actually using it. But what was the purpose of buying a dildo if she wasn’t going to use it? That was moot point. Convincing herself that either she just wasted quite a bit of money or she really was that stupid, Trina decided it was neither. She was going to get off, alright. Now she had to convince herself to take off her big girl panties and try the damn thing already.

Maybe James could convince her.

Trina quickly dialed her boyfriend. It was already 3 AM in the morning where he was but Trina knew he wanted her to call as soon as she received the package. A couple of rings later and she was on the phone with him. “I got it,” the smile on her face was evident through the phone.

“Take of your panties and lie down for me,” he requested. It might have been three in the morning but it sounded like James was anticipating Trina’s phone call. He was wide awake.

Trina followed her boyfriend’s instructions and removed her thong panties. She then laid down on the bed and spread eagle. “Alright, I did it,” she said into the receiver.

“Good,” James nodded, “lick a finger and stick it in your pussy. I want you to get it wet for me. We have some playing to do.”

It was going to be a great conversation.

(To be continued…)